Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 1237

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“Third Sister, why do you say that?” Qiao Yanze raised an eyebrow. “It’s normal to get into relationships and then break up. Why did I abandon it? As for relying on my wife’s family… It’s my ability if I can rely on them. No matter what, marriage is only beneficial to Fengqiao.”

Qiao Yanni was rendered speechless. Qiao Yanxun and Qiao Yansen didn’t look too good either.

“Yanze is right.” Qiao Fengnian nodded slightly and looked at his children. “I don’t care how you brothers and sisters compete, but you have to remember one thing. You can’t harm the interests of our Qiao family no matter what. If Yanze can really marry Yunshi’s eldest daughter, it will be beneficial to you. Look into the future!”

Qiao Yanxun was the first to express his stance. “Of course. Don’t worry, Father.”

“Why don’t I see you having any contact with the heiress of Yunshi?” Qiao Yanni couldn’t help asking. “You keep saying that you want to marry her. Did she agree?”

“That’s right!” Qiao Yansen perked up. “I heard that she is spoiled and stubborn and has high standards. It won’t be easy for Yanze to marry her.”

“Miss Yun is from a noble family. How can I spread the news and ruin her reputation before it’s done?” Qiao Yanze stroked the edge of his cup and smiled. “I naturally have to wait for her to relent before I dare mention it to Dad and Mom.”

Qiao Fengnian nodded approvingly. Clearly, he was satisfied with Qiao Yanze’s discretion.

Their expressions turned even uglier.

However, Madam Qiao was beaming. “That’s great! I’ve met Madam Yun once. Do you want me to make time to visit her in the capital?”

“Mom, it’s not time yet.” Qiao Yanze laughed. “I’ll definitely tell you in advance when I need you to do something.”

“No problem,” Madam Qiao agreed. To her, she would do anything as long as Qiao Yanze stopped thinking about Li Yinian. Besides, Miss Yun was indeed a perfect match. She couldn’t be more satisfied.

Qiao Fengnian also pointed out, “To show your sincerity, you have to pay a visit and obtain the approval of the Yun family first. Then, your mother and I visit them.”

“I understand. Thank you, Dad,” Qiao Yanze replied with a smile.

Everyone had different thoughts during dinner.

After dinner, Madam Qiao, her two daughters-in-law, and her youngest grandson drank tea and chatted in the living room. Qiao Fengnian called his eldest son to the study to continue talking about work. Qiao Yanze couldn’t leave immediately, so he rested in the small living room.

He lit a cigarette and Qiao Yansen and Qiao Yanni walked over and sat opposite him.

“Yanze, I didn’t expect you to have such ambition.” Qiao Yanni sneered. “You don’t even let go of your marriage. Why? Do you not want your dream girl anymore?”

Qiao Yanze could only extinguish the cigarette in his hand.

“Second Brother, Third Sister, I remember that Second Sister-in-law and Brother-in-law’s backgrounds can also be of help to you, right?” He smiled slightly, and his tone was frivolous and cold. “Marriage is a tool to begin with. It depends on benefits. It’s better if there are feelings. It doesn’t matter if there are no feelings. I don’t think I did anything wrong. As for my dream girl… Didn’t I treat her well?”

Qiao Yanni gritted her teeth.

A family like theirs was too naive and extravagant to talk about relationships in marriage. She naturally understood this, so she knew that Qiao Yanze had done nothing wrong.

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