Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 1239

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If Qiao Yanze pretended not to care about Li Yinian, not only would they not believe him, but they would also be certain of the importance of this woman to him.

But now, he brazenly said that he still had feelings for this woman, but he obviously wouldn’t back down just because of this.

The two of them couldn’t help believing it, because this was also a choice they would make. It wasn’t that they didn’t have feelings, but feelings could never compare to benefits.

However, this way, it would be meaningless for them to deal with Li Yinian.

“I’m indignant.” Qiao Yansen suddenly sneered. “We’ll only know if he really refuses to retreat after trying.”

Qiao Yanni disagreed. “There’s no need. The priority now is to stop him from marrying Miss Yun. There’s nothing to lose with Li Yinian as a pawn.”

Qiao Yansen thought for a bit and nodded. “That’s true.”

Qiao Yanze was still sitting on the sofa, the cigarette in his hand burning to the end.

Through the smoke, he saw that his siblings seemed to have reached an agreement.

The two of them probably wouldn’t be able to find trouble with Li Yinian for the time being.

He smiled faintly, lowered his eyes, and extinguished the cigarette.

In the blink of an eye, more than a month had passed.

The five-year election officially began. Currently, almost all the media in the country, whether it was traditional media or social media, were focused on the two presidential candidates, the original president, Tang Shuxu, and the other candidate, Jiang Yu.

Jiang Yu was the current leader of the Labour Party and the current minister of the Ministry of State Security. Compared to Tang Shuxu, he didn’t appear on screen often, and the people didn’t know much about him. However, when this man appeared as a candidate, he immediately attracted almost everyone’s attention. There was no other reason. The toughness and upright temperament that this man exuded couldn’t help but make people trust him. Moreover, he was so handsome, and his tall figure seemed to be able to withstand anything.

This candidate attracted everyone’s attention, and not many people paid attention to the entertainment news. However, the news of the fourth young master of Fengqiao Corporation, Qiao Yanze, and the eldest daughter of Yun Shi Corporation, Yun Manqi, dating frequently still attracted a lot of attention.

Everyone sighed. This Fourth Young Master had created a lot of scandals in the past few years. He had even publicly confessed to Li Yinian, but no female celebrity had succeeded. Everyone thought that it was because he was a playboy, but now it seemed that it was because this young master knew what it meant to have a good family background and a strong alliance. He probably never planned to marry a female celebrity.

Even though she was in Europe, Li Yinian saw the news immediately.

At that moment, she didn’t feel anything. There was only a faint ripple in her heart, but it quickly disappeared.

Wasn’t this the outcome she had dreamed of? She didn’t have much contact with Miss Yun, but from the photos taken by the media, Yun Manqi was a slender woman. Qiao Yanze should like her.

She smiled and closed the news page, just as the taxi drove her to her destination.

She got out of the taxi and strode to the hospital not far away. She had finally gotten an appointment with a doctor and did not dare to be late.

However, she was shocked when she walked into the consultation room.

The doctor was clearly Asian. Not only that, Li Yinian even knew him.

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