Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 124

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Chapter 124: You Might Feel Better Telling Me About It

Besides the pain, she still felt aggrieved even though she knew why Ji Shiting was pissed.

She seemed to have passed out again, and when she came to, the man was still in her. She wanted to beg for mercy, but her voice was hoarse.

By the time it ended, it was already dawn.

Ye Shengge’s mind was in a mess but she still saw him getting out of bed and walking toward the bathroom.

She felt relieved.

He had finally exhausted all his strength. Or perhaps he hadn’t stopped because he was exhausted, but because he knew that she might really die in bed if he carried on this way..

Ye Shengge wanted to take the chance to return to her room, but she was too weak to do anything. Her eyelids kept twitching, and she fell into a deep slumber within seconds.

Ji Shiting took a shower and returned to the bedroom.

The woman on the bed was completely naked, curled up into a ball and sleeping very soundly.

He pursed his lips together and covered her with the blanket. He then laid down beside her and hugged her underneath the covers. He stroked the woman’s trembling eyelashes and had a sad look on his face.


10 AM, T.S Corporation.

Outside the president’s office, the assistant team was in a mess. Even the chief assistant Sun Ye, who had always been trusted by Ji Shiting, was sweating profusely.

“Quick, find out where the plan of cooperation with HI is!”

“Has the HR report arrived yet?”

“Xiao Jiang, have you finished writing the meeting minutes? It’s been half an hour!”

Suddenly, there was a loud bang in the office. Moments later, a middle-aged man walked out with an ashen look on his face. As a high-ranking official of the company, he was grimacing.

The assistants eyed each other.

Every high-level official who came over to the president’s office to speak with or report left with the same expression on their faces that morning.

Sun Ye couldn’t have felt more stressed. He’d been working with Ji Shiting for five years, and he’d never seen something like this before. Although the president had always been strict, and his tone was cold, he rarely lost his temper. He would only point out the mistakes in his work, but he never lost his temper.

What exactly happened today?

At that moment, the company phone rang. Sun Ye got a shock and picked it up.

“Enter,” Ji Shiting said coldly.

“Yes sir,” Sun Ye answered and walked in.

What surprised him was that the office wasn’t as messy as he had expected, and Ji Shiting was very calm.

He was sitting behind the desk, looking relaxed. He was smoking a cigarette, and the man looked calm.

“President, you called for me?” Sun Ye walked up.

Ji Shiting picked up the documents on the desk and threw them out, “There are data errors in several places. Let the technical department re-read them. Get the hell out of here if you make such a low-level mistake again.”

Sun Ye couldn’t argue back, so he immediately picked up the documents.

The office door opened again.

Qiao Yanze walked in and smiled, “Why are you squatting?”

“Fourth Young Master,” Sun Ye greeter, then he packed up his documents and walked out. He hoped that this young master would be able to comfort his boss.

Qiao Yanze eyed Ji Shiting and raised an eyebrow. “What’s the matter? You might feel better telling me about it.”

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