Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 1243

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It was evening, and Qin Hongyu was cooking in the kitchen. Li Yinian was playing with her phone on the sofa in the living room, and there was a show on the television that she couldn’t understand.

Hence, she was surprised when the doorbell rang.

After all, she didn’t have any friends other than Qin Hongyu, and her classmates didn’t know her address.

‘Could it be a neighbour?’

With this guess in mind, Li Yinian got up from the sofa and walked to the door with a blanket wrapped around her. She opened the door without any vigilance. After all, the security here was very good, and the residents were generally well-mannered. She was not worried that someone would harm her.

However, the moment the door opened, she was stunned. Her hand that was holding the blanket involuntarily loosened, and the blanket slipped to the ground, revealing her home clothes.

Her eyes widened and her lips moved a few times, but she did not make a sound.

The man standing at the door was tall and wore a black high-end suit. He looked very elite, which matched his current status. The man’s handsome face was expressionless, but his dark peach-blossom eyes were shockingly cold, almost making people not dare to look at him.

A few seconds later, Li Yinian seemed to react and wanted to close the door, but the man stopped her.

Qiao Yanze said hoarsely, “Why? Aren’t you going to invite me in?”

Li Yinian bit her lip hard. “Qiao Yanze, you promised not to pester me anymore.”

“Yes, but there’s a prerequisite.” The man walked in, grabbed her wrist and pulled her into his arms. His deep voice was filled with ruthlessness. “You clearly said that you have no intention of starting a new relationship in the short term!”

Li Yinian widened her eyes and used her elbow to press against his chest. “What are you talking about?”

At this moment, Qin Hongyu walked out of the kitchen.

“Yinian, what’s wrong… It’s you!” Qin Hongyu was shocked to see Qiao Yanze, then furious. “Let go of Yinian!”

Qiao Yanze looked at him coldly and then at the woman in his arms. “Do you understand now?”

Li Yinian was stunned and furious. “You got someone to monitor me?”

“Not monitor, but protect.” Qiao Yanze smiled coldly. “Otherwise, I would have received the news the first day this man walked in.”

Li Yinian bit her lip and said hoarsely, “Qiao Yanze, what do you mean? Do I need your permission to make friends?”

Qiao Yanze’s gaze was obscure and painful. He pursed his lips as if he wanted to say something, but he restrained himself.

Qin Hongyu had already strode over with a spatula in his hand. “Let go of Yinian!” He looked like he was about to fight this man.

Qiao Yanze looked at him expressionlessly and suddenly sneered. He hugged the woman in his arms even tighter and at the same time, he held her face with one hand and kissed her heavily.

Not only was Qin Hongyu shocked and furious, but Li Yinian was also stunned by the sudden attack. She only reacted when the man’s tongue entered her mouth without restraint. Hence, her first reaction was to bite the man’s tongue.

Qiao Yanze frowned in pain and had to let go of her. In the next second, a bright red palm print appeared on his face.

Qin Hongyu put down the spatula that he was about to swing.

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