Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 1244

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Li Yinian’s rapid breathing was the only sound in the house.

Qiao Yanze wasn’t angry. He just licked the corner of his lips and couldn’t help smiling as he tasted the odor of blood.

His gaze landed on Li Yinian, and his smile suddenly became bloodthirsty.

Li Yinian panted heavily, her eyes moist and watery.

Her palm was still hurting and numb. She suddenly realized that this was the third time she had slapped this man, and it was in front of another man.

“Qiao Yanze.” Her voice was hoarse and weak. “What do you mean?”

“I did promise not to disturb you again, but that doesn’t mean I’ll allow you to be with another man.” Qiao Yanze bit his cheek until it hurt. “Tell him to get lost.”

As he spoke, he glanced coldly at Qin Hongyu.

Li Yinian bit her lips angrily.

“Why?” She said hoarsely. “Qiao Yanze, you’re getting engaged…”

“That’s fake,” Qiao Yanze interrupted her. His tone was extremely calm. “The eldest daughter of Yunshi Corporation is a very suitable shield. With her around, my brothers and sisters will focus on stopping me from being with her and won’t come looking for trouble with you. The engagement won’t succeed. Even if I want to, my best friends won’t allow it.”

With that, he laughed mysteriously.

Li Yinian’s lips moved, but she couldn’t say anything.

“Tell him to get lost,” Qiao Yanze repeated, his gaze still fixed on her. “I have something to tell you.”

“I have nothing to say to you.” Li Yinian looked down. “Doctor Qin is my friend. I invited him to be my guest. You have no right to criticize my guest.”

Qin Hongyu seemed to have gained some strength and confidence because of this sentence.

“That’s right!” he said loudly. “You’re the one who should leave. Don’t you realize that Yinian doesn’t welcome you at all?”

Qiao Yanze swallowed and suddenly laughed. “If I say that I’ve found something interesting recently that’s related to your background… Are you still speechless?”

Li Yinian’s expression changed. Not only did she lose all her radiance, but she also felt a sense of panic that was close to despair.

This reaction made the obscureness in Qiao Yanze’s eyes deepen.

“Yinian…” Qin Hongyu was still standing behind the two of them. He couldn’t see Li Yinian’s expression, but he realized something from her shaky back.

He sounded more careful and pleading.

Li Yinian closed her eyes and said hoarsely, “Hongyu… Sorry, I can’t let you stay today.”

“But the food in the kitchen is already halfway done…” Qin Hongyu fought for it.

Li Yinian clenched her fists. After a while, she suddenly made up her mind. “Okay, please continue cooking. I’ll be back later to eat… Let’s talk outside.”

She said the last sentence to Qiao Yanze.

Qiao Yanze’s pupils contracted to the extreme, as if he couldn’t believe that this woman was really protecting Qin Hongyu to this extent.

The smile on his lips became even more sinister.

“Sounds good.”

The man didn’t move as he spoke.

Li Yinian grabbed his wrist and led him out of the door.

Qiao Yanze looked down at the woman’s slender hand. He flipped his wrist and grabbed her hand tightly.

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