Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 1248

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“So, you don’t have anything to say, right?” Li Yinian sneered.

Qiao Yanze’s gaze seemed even more obscure.

No, his doubts were still unanswered.

He had indeed found out about her background and knew that she was not related to Li Changdong by blood. However, this was definitely not a reason for her to reject him.

However, when he mentioned her background, she was so panicked and terrified.

Then, he thought of his mother’s ruthlessness towards her and the strange tacit understanding between them.

The truth seemed to be within reach, but it also seemed to be separated by a layer…

Qiao Yanze looked at her cold face and asked hoarsely, “Since you’re not related to the Li family by blood, do you know who your biological parents are?”

Li Yinian didn’t expect him to mention this question at all. Her pupils dilated, and even her breathing seemed to freeze for a moment, but she quickly calmed down. “I don’t know. I told you, I’m an orphan. My parents are probably dead.”

Qiao Yanze’s gaze was terrifyingly deep.

His gaze was like an airtight net that enveloped her.

“I should go back for dinner,” Li Yinian said as she looked away. She walked past him and walked towards the door.

However, when she passed by the man, he grabbed her wrist.

“Yinian.” The man called her name, his voice trembling strangely. “I found the doctor who operated on you back then. He said that you were very cooperative during the surgery. I remember you saying that you were planning to tell me the fact that you were pregnant before making plans. But at that time, you chose to cooperate. Why?”

At this moment, Qiao Yanze suddenly became exceptionally calm. All the clues seemed to be connected one by one, and even some details that he had neglected before became extremely clear at this moment.

Li Yinian bit her lip hard. She knew that she should calm down, especially at this moment, but she couldn’t control herself at all. Not only was her breathing erratic, her heart was beating wildly, and even her hands were trembling.

Qiao Yanze held her wrist tightly. He must have felt her trembling.

“It means you’ve changed your mind. You know… you can’t keep that child.” Qiao Yanze suddenly laughed hoarsely. “What reason can make you and my mother decide to stop the birth of this child?”

Li Yinian stared at the void in front of her and did not answer his question, but her palms were sweating profusely and her ears were buzzing. At that moment, she wished she could disappear from this world.

Actually, she had once felt that she could hide it from him forever, just like how he had been unaware of the existence of that child for a long time.

However, everything had gone out of her control since that medical record was found. At this moment, she realized that she probably couldn’t hide it anymore.

Ever since he was certain that she was hiding something from him, he had been getting closer and closer to the truth. The speed at which he found out was also getting faster and faster…

At this moment, she suddenly realized that she did not have the courage to face it at all. She rarely thought about that painful and extremely humiliating truth. Perhaps it was a form of self-protection. Therefore, she kept telling this man that she just did not love him anymore. This reason was not only convincing him but also convincing herself.

She did not have the courage to face him after knowing the truth.

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