Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 125

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Chapter 125: Are You Serious?

Ji Shiting took a drag of the cigarette and said indifferently. “Why are you here?”

“Just passing by.” Qiao Yanze played with a pen as he said jokingly, “Didn’t you just get your marriage certificate? Although you were forced by your grandpa, I think you’re enjoying it. How can you be so angsty after just getting married?”

Ji Shiting wasn’t someone who would give in easily. Since he was willing to marry Miss Ye, he probably liked her a lot. Qiao Yanze even suspected that Ji Shiting was the one behind the marriage proposal.

Ji Shiting expression darkened. “Get out if you don’t have anything to say.”

Qiao Yanze raised an eyebrow. “Could it be that Miss Ye is the one who pissed you off? Oh, no. I should call her sister-in-law.”

Ji Shiting sneered and took another puff.

“Not satisfied?” Qiao Yanze guessed.

Ji Shiting ignored him.

Qiao Yanze scrutinized him for a bit and noticed the red marks on his neck. He couldn’t help chuckle. “No, it shouldn’t be sexual. So was it? Didn’t sleep well?”

“Would sleeping well just be enough?” Ji Shiting took a puff.

Qiao Yanze paused for a moment and his expression became solemn.

“Are you serious, Shiting?” He pulled out a chair and sat down with a frown. “Didn’t I tell you before? When it comes to women just play with her a little if you like her but don’t get too serious. Otherwise, you’re nothing but a moron in her eyes!”

Qiao Yanze gritted his teeth as he said that. He looked downcast and had something on his mind.

“I see you’ve learned your lesson.” Ji Shiting shot him a glance. “But don’t worry. I’m not you. I can keep my woman.”

Qiao Yanze sneered, “Then why did you throw a tantrum at your subordinates? I reckon sister-in-law doesn’t like you at all! You must’ve deceived her and forced her to register the marriage certificate. She’s regretting it now.”

“Get out.” Ji Shiting looked upset.

“I guess I’m right.” Qiao Yanze clicked his tongue a couple of times and glanced at the marks on Ji Shiting’s neck. He smiled irresponsibly. “At least sister-in-law is more than happy to sleep with you. Haven’t you heard of that saying? The vagina is the way to a woman’s soul. If you sleep with her a couple more times and satisfy her, she might like you.”

Ji Shiting’s eyes dimmed.

Satisfy her by sleeping with her? If only it was that simple. She would be satisfied with how he slept with her as long as the birthmark vanished.

However, the woman would definitely run away once the birthmark disappears.

She had gotten close to him, tried to please him, and flirted with him because of that. He had thought he didn’t care that much, but when she showed him her real motive, Ji Shiting realized how wrong he was.

Especially when she became certain that she couldn’t get what she wanted, the look on her face was one of disappointment and reluctance.

Ji Shiting clenched his teeth at that thought.

Qiao Yanze noticed his face and chuckled. “Seems like Sister-in-law isn’t satisfied with you.”

Ji Shiting replied indifferently. “Judging from what you said, Li Yinian broke up with you because you didn’t do a good job and she wasn’t satisfied.”

“Damn you, Ji Shiting!” Qiao Yanze was fuming.

Ji Shiting sneered and extinguished the cigarette on the ashtray.

“You can leave now.” He stood up and grabbed his jacket.

“Where are you going?” Qiao Yanze asked in astonishment.

However, Ji Shiting didn’t answer him.

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