Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 1261

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Li Yinian looked at the ward beside her. She had been in a daze all the way until now.

Qiao Yanze was lying inside, less than five meters away from her, but she didn’t have the courage to push open the door.

She felt unprecedented fear and confusion. Even when she learned of the truth more than four years ago and was forced to abort the child, she had never been so afraid.

It turned out that everything was trivial compared to life and death.

Ever since they parted in Vienna, she had secretly vowed never to see him again, but she definitely did not want to use the distance between life and death to fulfill this vow.

“Miss Li?” Seeing that she was not moving, Sun Ye pushed open the door and signaled her with his eyes.

Li Yinian saw the man lying on the bed through the door crack, and the bitterness in her eyes intensified.

“Go, Yinian,” Qin Hongyu urged her from behind.

Li Yinian closed her eyes, reached out to hold the door, and walked in.

Whether or not her appearance was useful, she had to try—no matter what, she wanted him to be fine.

The high-class ward looked very warm, but the smell of disinfectant and the drip on the man’s hand still reminded her that the man’s life and death were unknown.

She walked to the bed and sat down, seeing Qiao Yanze’s quiet and pale face.

He was wearing an oxygen mask and his eyes were closed. His overly thick eyelashes were on his eyelids, making him look like a harmless boy.

Immense sadness and despair suddenly surged. Tears welled up in her eyes and hit the back of the man’s hand. She covered her face and took a long breath, trying to control her tears.

After a while, she forced herself to calm down. She opened her red eyes and hesitated for a while. In the end, she placed her hand gently on the back of his.

She probably only had the courage to touch him when he was unconscious.

“Do you know? Yesterday afternoon… at half past midnight in Yang City, I suddenly felt my heart palpitate.” Her eyelashes fluttered. “I had a bad feeling at that time. I didn’t expect it to happen to you.”

At this point, she suddenly revealed a self-deprecating and embarrassed smile. “Tell me, why do you and I have telepathy?”

The man on the bed was still sleeping quietly.

“Maybe you don’t believe me, but actually… I don’t particularly regret it.” Li Yinian paused and said, “I mean, I should regret seducing you back then… Even though I should regret it, and that’s what I told myself, I know that deep down, I’m even a little glad. Although this relief makes me feel ashamed.”

She suddenly chuckled. “After all, if I hadn’t met you, my life would probably have been even more boring. Did I never tell you that the few months I spent with you were the happiest in my life?”

She had known since she was young that she was different from others. Her parents were also different from other parents. She looked glamorous, but her fate had been fixed from the beginning.

If she hadn’t met Qiao Yanze and his love and tolerance, she might not have had the courage to resist.

Unfortunately, fate did not intend to let her off easily. The price she had paid for this freedom far exceeded her imagination.

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