Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 1266

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Chapter 1266: Unless You Want to Force Me to Death

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“Sun Ye was overjoyed. “”Ah! It’s Little Ran! Her early pregnancy symptoms are very severe… If I don’t answer the phone, I’ll be doomed…”” ”

Li Yinian bit her lips and waved her hand helplessly.

Sun Ye immediately walked to the side to answer the call.

“Qin Hongyu thought for a bit and said, “”You don’t want to go in to see him… Why don’t I go in and take a look for you?”” ”


“Li Yinian smiled bitterly and shook her head. “”He’s definitely fine… He’s just forcing me to go in.”” ”

Qin Hongyu frowned.

“””Forget it. He won’t give up until I tell him,”” Li Yinian said as she took a deep breath and walked in. ”

Qiao Yanze sat on the bed with a determined smile on his handsome and pale face.

“Then, she saw the broken bottles on the ground. ”

Li Yinian was annoyed. Had this man forgotten that she was injured?

“””Qiao Yanze, why won’t you accept reality?”” She closed her eyes and let her emotions show for the first time. “”Maybe you can have no grudges, but I can’t. Don’t force me anymore, okay?”” ”

“The man’s dark gaze landed on her face. After a few seconds, he said in a low voice, “”Come here.”” ”

“Li Yinian did not approach him. Instead, she stood at the corner of the bed, two meters away from him. Even if he reached out, he would not be able to reach her. ”

“She refused to approach him because she wanted to avoid his touch. Of course, she would not listen to him now. ”

So she just looked at him silently and stubbornly.

“Seeing this, Qiao Yanze did not insist. ”

“””Have you ever thought that maybe my mother was wrong?”” His Adam’s apple bobbed. “”Or maybe she was lying to you?”” ”

“Li Yinian said calmly, “”Impossible.”” ”

“””Why?”” He sneered. “”Did you do a paternity test with the old man?”” ”

“Li Yinian’s eyelashes fluttered. She shook her head gently, but her gaze on him was complicated. ”

“Qiao Yanze was silent for a few seconds before saying, “”So… it’s you and me.”” ”

Li Yinian looked out of the window and agreed.

“Of course, she wouldn’t believe Madam Qiao so easily. Without concrete evidence, how could she agree to abort the child? ”

“At that time, she couldn’t get Qiao Fengnian’s DNA information, but Qiao Yanze… At that time, they were half living together. She easily found his hair from the bed and sent it to the identification center anonymously. ”

“After receiving the results, she couldn’t sleep for the entire night and contacted Madam Qiao the next day. ”

She suddenly closed her eyes at the thought of this.

Qiao Yanze clenched his fists tightly and looked at her pale side profile.

“Indeed, he had been hoping for a fluke. Perhaps this had been a misunderstanding from the start. ”

“However, it seemed that no miracle had happened. ”

“””Even so, my thoughts won’t change,”” he said softly. “”You rejected me because you’re worried that this secret will be exposed one day… But I’m confident that I can make it a secret forever, or even if a secret is no longer a secret one day, I can protect you and not let you be hurt… Are you willing to believe me?”” ”

“Li Yinian laughed hoarsely. “”Qiao Yanze, I didn’t expect you to be so naive.”” ”

Qiao Yanze’s breathing gradually became heavier.

“””You don’t believe me.”” ”

“””It’s too heavy. I can’t afford it, and neither can you.”” Li Yinian smiled bitterly. “”Qiao Yanze, I beg you to let go unless you want to force me to death.”” ”


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