Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 1267

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Chapter 1267: Unable to Get It

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“Qiao Yanze suddenly clenched his fists, and dark emotions surged in his eyes. ”

“””I loved you, and I really looked forward to growing old with you.”” She smiled self-deprecatingly. “”But there are always some things in this world that we can’t get. We have to accept this fact.”” ”

“With that, she turned around and walked out of the ward. ”


“This time, Qiao Yanze didn’t stop her. He just looked at her in silence until her back view completely disappeared. ”

Qiao Yanze closed his eyes and tried to calm his breathing to relieve the pain and dizziness from the concussion.

He could not get what he wanted.

“Perhaps she had already accepted her fate, but he never believed in fate, nor would he accept it. ”

As the saying goes…

It was just that his beliefs were not firm enough.

“He slowly curled his lips, his smile silent and cold. ”

“After walking out of the ward, Li Yinian didn’t say a word. She just looked at Qin Hongyu and nodded. ”

“Qin Hongyu immediately understood what she meant. He turned around and looked at Sun Ye, who had just ended the call, and said, “”We’ll take our leave.”” ”

Sun Ye could only nod and let them leave.

The two of them walked to the elevator door and Qin Hongyu pressed the button.

“””Yinian, are you alright?”” He couldn’t help asking. ”

“Li Yinian forced a smile and shook her head. “”I’m fine. Don’t worry about me.”” ”

Qin Hongyu pursed his lips.

“This woman had always been very calm and rarely revealed her emotions. However, ever since she found out about Qiao Yanze’s car accident yesterday, she had never hidden her emotions. ”

“Although he had long realized that she still loved Qiao Yanze, he hadn’t realized how important Qiao Yanze was to her until today. That was why she looked so sad. That was why he thought she was going to get back together with Qiao Yanze. ”

“Unexpectedly, she still hadn’t changed her mind. ”

But what stopped them?

“Qin Hongyu didn’t know and wasn’t interested. The reason wasn’t important. What was important was that this obstacle gave him a chance, so he had to grasp it tightly. ”

“At this thought, he reached out and slowly approached her, trying to hold her hand. ”

“However, before he could touch it, the elevator stopped. ”

“Then, the elevator door opened. ”

There was actually someone inside.

“The man standing in front was in his late sixties. The lines between his eyebrows were deep, making him look serious and worried. Behind the man, there were a few elites clad in suits and leather shoes. They looked like the man’s subordinates or assistants. ”

Qin Hongyu was stunned for a moment and inadvertently met the man’s gaze.

“The man’s oppressive gaze made Qin Hongyu extremely uncomfortable. Then, he suddenly realized the man’s identity-Qiao Fengnian, the chairman of Fengqiao Corporation and Qiao Yanze’s father. This face was often on financial news, so Qin Hongyu was no stranger to it. ”

It was very stressful to look at this man. He instinctively avoided him and looked at Li Yinian.

“He was surprised to find that Li Yinian was panicking, or rather, she was being nervous. She lowered her head and even took the initiative to hug his waist, burying her face in his shoulder. ”

“The man didn’t seem to notice Li Yinian’s abnormality. He walked out of the elevator and when he passed by the two of them, he suddenly said in a deep voice, “”Are you Yanze’s friends?”” ”


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