Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 1269

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Chapter 1269: Untitled

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Qiao Fengnian walked in alone without his assistant.

He scanned Qiao Yanze from head to toe and heaved a sigh of relief after confirming that he was fine.

“Sun Ye quickly greeted, “”Mr. Qiao.”” ”


“Then, he stood up and gave up his seat. After pouring water for Qiao Fengnian, he left the ward. ”

Qiao Fengnian sat down by the bed.

“””Father, why are you here?”” Qiao Yanze asked as if nothing had happened, but he was actually not calm. ”

“After he was sent to the hospital last night, Ji Shiting blocked the news for him in time. When he woke up in the morning, he immediately told Qin Cheng to return to the company so that his siblings and the company’s high-level directors would know from Qin Cheng that it was uncertain if he was alive or not. Moreover, because the situation was too serious, he would not accept any visits for the time being. Qin Cheng stayed in the company to help him observe the movements of the high-level directors. ”

“However, this smoke screen would definitely not be hidden from Qiao Fengnian. Qiao Yanze was still mentally prepared for his father’s appearance, but if Qiao Fengnian refused to cooperate, his goal would be in vain. ”

“However, with Qiao Fengnian’s shrewdness, how could he not see through Qiao Yanze’s tricks? He snorted coldly. “”Don’t worry. Everyone who came with me today is my trusted aide. They won’t reveal your true situation.”” ”

“Qiao Yanze chuckled softly. “”But you…”” ”

“To make the directors believe that he was really serious, Qiao Fengnian would probably have to show his worry and grief. ”

“Qiao Fengnian couldn’t help glaring at him. “”I’m too old to act… I’ll go back to the old residence tonight. I won’t even see your siblings. Tell the public that I’m unwell because I’m too worried. Are you satisfied?”” ”

“””That’s great.”” Qiao Yanze smiled. “”Don’t worry, I won’t pursue this matter.”” ”

“Qiao Fengnian had a complicated expression on his face. “”Your second brother is also possessed… I’ll teach him a lesson.”” ”

“Qiao Yanze smiled without saying anything. Qiao Yansen’s actions were no different from murder, but in Qiao Fengnian’s eyes, he was just bewitched and wasn’t thinking straight. In order to appease Qiao Yanze, he even cooperated. ”

“Qiao Yanze felt that this “”kind father”” he was trying to be was ironic. ”

“Qiao Fengnian seemed to know what he was thinking. He sighed and looked a little old. “”If it were ten years ago, I would definitely not let your second brother off if he did this. But now… I’m already old. I just hope that both of you will be fine. I wasn’t being biased towards your second brother today. If the two of you were here, I would also protect you.”” ”

“””But I’ll never be as… unscrupulous as Second Brother.”” Qiao Yanze smirked. “”Father, actually, you know what the problem is.”” ”

“If Qiao Fengnian had chosen an heir early and divided the shares fairly, perhaps the others would have given up. However, he had been indecisive and allowed his children to fight and attack each other, which resulted in the current situation. ”

“Qiao Fengnian was not angry after being stabbed. He was silent for a while before suddenly saying, “”If you can successfully marry Yunshi’s eldest daughter, I will express my support for you at the board meeting.”” ”

“Qiao Yanze’s eyes flickered, but he didn’t look surprised. He said calmly, “”Aren’t you afraid that Big Brother and the others will object?”” ”


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