Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 1270

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Chapter 1270: Untitled

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“””I’ve already said that it all depends on your ability and performance. You’re more suitable for this position than them. Isn’t the reason why your second brother was desperate and did such an irrational thing because he understood this too?”” Qiao Fengnian said as he patted his shoulder. “”As for how to appease the three of them… When you reach this position, I believe you’ll have plenty of ways.”” ”

“””But I’m afraid your support alone isn’t enough. The president of the corporation needs to be voted on by the board of directors.”” ”

“Qiao Yanze frowned slightly, probably because the dizziness from the concussion had not passed. ”


“””But you have a lot of supporters on the board of directors.”” Qiao Fengnian’s gaze was sharp. “”You should know that with my vote, the position of the CEO of the corporation will definitely be yours.”” ”

“The voting power of the board of directors was based on the shares that each of them had. As the chairman, Qiao Fengnian had the most shares in the corporation. As long as any one of the four siblings had Qiao Fengnian’s support, the position of the president of the corporation would be in the bag. After all, everyone had their own foundation in the board of directors. However, without Qiao Fengnian’s support, it would probably be useless even if all the directors supported him. ”

“Qiao Yanze’s foundation was the weakest. After all, he had been on the board of directors for the shortest time. It could be said that he was the person who needed Qiao Fengnian’s support the most. ”

“However, Qiao Fengnian’s condition for supporting him was… a marriage alliance with Yunshi Corporation. ”

“””Why? Is there a problem?”” Qiao Fengnian’s gaze seemed to be sharper. ”

“””Nothing.”” Qiao Yanze smiled. “”I’m just worried that Big Brother and the others won’t let me marry the eldest daughter of Luck Corporation.”” ”

“””That’s right.”” Qiao Fengnian nodded. “”So this position isn’t that easy to sit in.”” ”

“In other words, he would not interfere in this matter. It all depended on Qiao Yanze’s ability. ”

“””Does that mean…”” Qiao Yanze smiled. “”If I can’t marry Yunshi’s eldest heiress, does that mean I’ve lost?”” ”

His tone was casual and even carried a hint of teasing.

“Qiao Fengnian frowned. “”Why? Do you lack that much confidence in yourself? If you can marry Yunshi’s eldest heiress, the number of people on the board who will support you will definitely doubled, and my support for you will be justified. After all, your foundation is too shallow. You can’t even compare to your third sister, let alone your brother. Without the support of the Yue family, your chances of winning are not high.”” ”

“Qiao Yanze nodded slightly, but his tone was not too cautious. “”I understand.”” ”

“Qiao Fengnian’s gaze suddenly darkened. “”Are you not willing to comply?”” ”

“””What?”” Qiao Yanze raised an eyebrow. ”

“””I saw that girl from the Li family when I came in just now.”” Qiao Fengnian’s tone was meaningful. “”During the family banquet, Yanni criticized her and accused you of abandoning her. You said that you were done with her.”” ”

“Qiao Yanze’s pupils constricted. “”You saw her?”” ”

“””Hmph…”” Qiao Fengnian said. “”That girl is indeed a source of trouble. No wonder you’ve been involved with her for so many years. But since it’s over, let’s cut it clean. At least don’t let the people from Yunshi get a hold on us.”” ”

Qiao Yanze’s breathing became heavy.

“He swallowed hard and couldn’t help saying, “”Father, I’ve been curious about something…”” ”


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