Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 1271

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Chapter 1271: Untitled

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“””What?”” Qiao Fengnian was surprisingly patient today, probably because he felt that he owed Qiao Yanze something. ”

“””Are there only the four of us?”” Qiao Yanze smiled. “”Actually, I’ve been worried that you’ll suddenly bring back a younger brother or sister for us.”” ”

“””What nonsense are you talking about!”” Qiao Fengnian scolded unhappily. “”It’s impossible for such a thing to happen. Rest well and don’t let your thoughts run wild!”” ”


“Qiao Yanze smiled and nodded slowly. “”Okay.”” ”

“””Don’t disappoint me,”” Qiao Fengnian reminded. ”

Qiao Fengnian quickly left the ward and closed the door.

“Qiao Yanze looked away, deep in thought. ”

Qiao Fengnian seemed to know nothing about Li Yinian’s existence. He obviously did not think that he would have an illegitimate son or daughter.

“Indeed, Qiao Fengnian knew his limits and was very careful. Even if one of his mistresses was really pregnant, with Qiao Fengnian’s control, it was impossible for him to not know. ”

“However, Li Yinian had done the appraisal. She couldn’t have lied to him about this. ”

“Something must have gone wrong. To be safe, perhaps he should do another appraisal-not him and Li Yinian, but Qiao Fengnian and Li Yinian. ”

“At this thought, Qiao Yanze felt his tense nerves relax a little, and even the dizziness from the concussion was relieved. ”

As for the fact that he had to marry the eldest daughter of Yunshi Corporation to become the heir… He only sneered and quickly threw this matter to the back of his mind.

“After Li Yinian left the hospital, she was about to go to the airport when she bumped into Ji Shiting and his wife. ”

“They even brought Jinchen and Jinqing along. The two kids heard that Uncle Qiao had been in a serious car accident and were very worried. They insisted on visiting him personally, so the couple had to agree. ”

“However, when the two kids saw Li Yinian, they immediately forgot about the injured Uncle Qiao. They pounced over and hugged her legs, their faces flushed with excitement. ”

“””Auntie Li!”” Jinqing said coquettishly. “”You haven’t come to see us in a long time! I miss you so much!”” ”

“””Mom said you went to Vienna… What are you doing there? Is it fun there?”” Jinchen blinked and asked. ”

Li Yinian quickly squatted down and hugged their soft bodies.

“””I miss you too… Your mother is right. I went to Vienna, but I’m going there to study. I’ll be back after I’m done,”” she said gently. ”

“””Then when will you finish learning?”” ”

“””About another year and a half.”” ”

Li Yinian said patiently.

“Hearing that it would take so long, the two kids looked disappointed. Li Yinian smiled and comforted them. ”

The two little kids could always make her forget all the pain and stimulate the softest side of her heart.

“Ye Shengge smiled and walked over. “”Stop pestering your Aunt Li. Don’t worry, she won’t leave tonight.”” ”

Li Yinian was stunned.

“Ye Shengge met her gaze and said righteously, “”You don’t come back often. Don’t tell me you’re leaving immediately? At least stay for a few days… I’m preparing for the wedding. I’m getting a headache from choosing the wedding dress and accessories for the wedding. You have to stay for a few days and help me come up with ideas.”” ”

This reason was very powerful. Li Yinian had no choice but to agree.

The two kids immediately jumped for joy and returned to their parents’ side.


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