Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 1272

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Chapter 1272: 1272

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“Ji Shiting held the hands of the two children and looked at Li Yinian. “”Have you seen him?”” ”

“Li Yinian nodded and said, “”He’s fine… By the way, Chairman Qiao is inside.”” ”

“Ji Shiting nodded slightly, not looking surprised. ”


“””I’ll bring them in to take a look.”” He said to Ye Shengge. “”You and Li Yinian return to Qianfan Villa first.”” ”

“””Okay.”” Ye Shengge reminded worriedly, “”There are many germs in the hospital… Don’t let them touch anything. Also, you have to wash your hands and disinfect them immediately after you come out.”” ”

“””Got it.”” He laughed and pinched her face. He bent down and picked up the two children before walking towards the hospital. ”

“Ye Shengge watched him and the kids leave before smiling and holding Li Yinian’s hand. “”Let’s go back first.”” ”

“””Wait, I have a companion.”” Li Yinian then remembered that she had forgotten about Qin Hongyu. “”He went to the roadside to call a taxi.”” ”

“As he spoke, Qin Hongyu walked over from the other side of the road. “”Yinian, let’s go over… Eh!”” ”

Qin Hongyu was shocked to see Ye Shengge.

“Ye Shengge sized him up with bright eyes, then looked at Li Yinian with a meaningful gaze. ”

“Li Yinian was a little embarrassed. “”This is Qin Hongyu, a friend of mine.”” ”

“””Yes, friend.”” Ye Shengge nodded. “”I understand.”” ”

Li Yinian bit her lips and felt helpless.

“On the other hand, Qin Hongyu had already regained his composure. He smiled and said, “”Miss Ye… No, I mean, Mrs. Ji. It’s an honor to meet you. Yinian and I are friends for now.”” ”

‘For now.’

“Ye Shengge immediately understood and said with a smile, “”Yinian is staying at my house tonight. Do you want to come?”” ”

“Half an hour later, the mistress and two guests arrived at Qianfan Villa. ”

“Qin Hongyu felt a little uncomfortable when he first stepped into Qianfan Villa, but he knew very well that he could not show his cowardice at a time like this. He knew that Li Yinian’s social status was far higher than his. If he showed his cowardice, it would mean that he was not worthy of her. ”

“Thinking of this, he quickly regained his composure. ”

Ye Shengge saw the change in him and her impression of Qin Hongyu improved.

“Qin Hongyu quickly excused himself and went to the bathroom, giving them a chance to talk alone. ”

“””Yinian!”” Ye Shengge’s eyes lit up. “”I have to say that Doctor Qin is not bad, not bad at all. I think he’s more suitable for you than Qiao Yanze!”” ”

“Li Yinian was stunned. She smiled bitterly and shook her head. “”Actually, I was planning to break up with him… No, it’s not a break up. We weren’t together, we were just trying… But I realize now that I can’t waste his time.”” ”

“””Because of Qiao Yanze?”” Ye Shengge blinked. “”When I called you last night, I deliberately made the situation sound serious… Did you realize that you still care about him? Uh… Although I think Doctor Qin is more suitable for you, your preference is more important.”” ”

“When she found out that Qiao Yanze had been sent to the hospital last night, she felt sympathetic, so she used this method to get Li Yinian to come. Could it be that she had unintentionally helped? ”

“Li Yinian shook her head and smiled bitterly. “”It’s… impossible between him and me.”” ”

“Ye Shengge thought for a bit and said, “”In that case, why don’t you try to open your heart and accept Doctor Qin?”” ”


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