Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 1277

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Chapter 1277: He Hates Me The Most

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“Although there was nothing serious, Qiao Yanze still took this opportunity to recuperate at home. Other than dealing with emails, he would receive wave after wave of visitors. ”

“Other than the company’s directors and partners, there were also his siblings. Qiao Yanxun and Qiao Yanni had only exchanged a few words to ensure that they were friendly on the surface, but when Qiao Yansen came over, his expression was extremely ugly. ”

It seemed that Qiao Fengnian had taught him a lesson at least.


“Qiao Yanze did not bother to get up to welcome the guests because he had yet to recover. He lay on the sofa and ate fruits, looking rather satisfied. ”

This scene made Qiao Yansen’s face turn even paler.

“””The eldest heiress of Yunshi Corporation doesn’t like men at all.”” He suddenly sneered. “”Although she forced herself to date you, it’s actually impossible for her to marry you. She didn’t show up at all when you were seriously injured, right?”” ”

“Qiao Yanze smiled. “”Second Brother is quite well-informed. Yes, Miss Yun doesn’t like men, but that doesn’t mean she won’t marry me. After all, it’s not easy to find a husband who’s broad-minded and compatible with her. With this identity, she can’t come out publicly, and I can provide her with the best cover, so I won’t force her to do anything. To be honest, if she likes men, she might not agree to marry me.”” ”

Qiao Yansen looked like he was choked.

“””I underestimated you.”” He sneered. “”You can trade anything for that position.”” ”

“””Compared to you, Second Brother, I’m still a little lacking. After all, I’m afraid I can’t ignore my family, nor can I completely lose my conscience and bottom line.”” Qiao Yanze played with the peach in his hand, still smiling. “”Besides… Perhaps you’ve already realized that ever since you tried to murder me, you’ve completely lost your qualifications in Father’s eyes. That seat might not be mine, but it definitely won’t be yours.”” ”

“As soon as he said that, Qiao Yansen stood up, looking like he wanted to fight him to the death. Qin Cheng quickly stood in front of Qiao Yanze. ”

“Fortunately, Qiao Yansen still retained some rationality and did not really attack him. ”

“He stared at Qiao Yanze. “”We’ll see!”” ”

“With that, he turned around and walked out. ”

“Qiao Yanze looked at his back view and chuckled. “”Who was the one who instigated you to attack me? Second Brother, thank goodness I was lucky. If I had really died in that car accident, you, as the culprit, would definitely not have ended up well. Eldest Brother and Third Sister would have lost two competitors at once, and they would definitely be overjoyed. Perhaps you should think about who used you as a tool?”” ”

“Qiao Yansen’s back swayed. He didn’t turn around, but Qiao Yanze could still see his anger. ”

“””Don’t try to sow discord!”” He said and strode out. ”

“Qiao Yanze snorted, picked up a cherry tomato and put it into his mouth. ”

“Qin Cheng’s eyes lit up. “”Fourth Young Master, that’s a good move! Second Young Master is impulsive and irritable, but Third Miss is scheming. I’m afraid Third Miss is the one who instigated Second Young Master! Their alliance will be broken!”” ”

“Qiao Yanze sneered. “”Then you’re underestimating my brother. He looks calm, but he probably hates me the most. No, I should say that my brother hates all of us. After all, he’s the eldest son. For a long time, he thought that the position of CEO of Fengqiao would definitely be his.”” ”


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