Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 128

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Chapter 128: The Dress Is Damaged

Those ‘bitches’ Shang Tianyi referred to were Mu Xiaoya, and Su Han, the second supporting actress in the show.

Su Han had been in the entertainment world for many years, and her acting skills had been recognized, but she hadn’t been very popular. She had met Ye Shengge in the script reading before but she didn’t show any respect to Ye Shengge who was a newcomer in the lead actress role.

Su Han was putting on makeup when Ye Shengge walked in. She saw Ye Shengge in the mirror and rolled her eyes. Meanwhile Mu Xiaoya was going through gowns in front of the rack. She appeared fussy as if she wasn’t satisfied with any of them.

“They’re all second and third-tier brands.” Mu Xiaoya yelled at her agent, Song Yihai. “I only wore D.C. and a Little Frangant House when I attended the previous event.”

“Those two don’t want to sponsor me, so I have to pay for them.” Song Yihai sighed. “Boss Mu said that formal dresses can only be worn once, and each dress costs hundreds of thousands. It’s such a loss to buy them back.”

Su Han sneered after hearing Mu Xiaoya and Song Yihai’s conversation. She said to her assistant, “Give me my dress. D.C. sponsors their premium series, right? That’s kind of sincere.”

Mu Xiaoya was furious. She immediately took out her phone and called Mu Yanhuai. She would lose her style if she didn’t have a proper dress. Besides, Mu Xiaoya was always competitive, so she couldn’t stand it anymore.

She turned around and saw Ye Shengge standing at the door, which made Mu Xiaoya’s face turn a darker shade of black. She turned around and ran to the changing room to make a phone call.

Ye Shengge didn’t mind it as she walked to her makeup desk.

“Which brand is my dress from?” Ye Shengge asked.

“M Family.” Shang Tianyi was helpless. “You’re just a newcomer, and the big brands won’t sponsor you. Only M Family does so as a favor.”

Shang Tianyi had left Star Brilliance, and before the studio was established, he was only in charge of Ye Shengge’s finances, and he was in charge of Ye Shengge’s wardrobe.

“M Family is great.” Ye Shengge nodded. “It’s been said that I’ve only risen through unspoken rules. It’s better to keep a low profile.”

Shang Tianyi pouted.

He couldn’t wait for Ye Shengge to flaunt herself. This woman said she had a rich backer, yet she couldn’t even get a proper dress. How disappointing!

Ye Shengge smiled and asked the makeup artist to put on her makeup.

Mu Xiaoya returned after the phone call. She sat down and put on airs. “Wait outside, Song. My brother said he’s getting me a gown from an A-list brand, and someone’s going to deliver it to me later. The D.C. series is so ugly this year. I don’t want it.”

Su Han scoffed in disdain.

Shang Tianyi rolled his eyes.

It was just a ceremony, not a red carpet. These two bitches were going all out!

Ye Shengge didn’t think much of it, but she wasn’t in a good mood.

She hadn’t had a good night’s sleep last night, and her relationship with Ji Shiting was in a deadlock. She still had no idea how to deal with it. Her heart sank at the thought.

Shang Tianyi exclaimed, “Why is the dressed damaged?”

Shang Tianyi was furious. He glared at Su Han and Mu Xiaoya and said, “Which bitch damaged it?”

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