Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 1280

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Chapter 1280: Your Persistence Will Only Destroy It

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“Qiao Yanze met her shocked eyes and the smile in his eyes deepened. He reached out to help her lift a strand of hair by her cheek and said in a low and hoarse voice, “”It’s very difficult for me to see you now. In order to not let them notice your existence, I had to lay the groundwork in advance… Otherwise, I would have come to find you immediately after I was discharged.”””

“The man’s fingertips were strangely warm, and Li Yinian subconsciously avoided them.”

“””…Don’t worry. I don’t intend to do anything. I just want to see you,”” Qiao Yanze added hoarsely.”


“Li Yinian looked at the Maiden Peak not far away and said bitterly, “”You shouldn’t have come. The more it is like this, the harder it is for you to let go.”””

“””Indeed.”” He smiled again. “”I was really bored during the past few days I was in the hospital, so I thought of a question. If we had gotten along as siblings from the start, what would it be like now?”””

“This was the first time Li Yinian had heard him say the word “”siblings””.”

She took a big bite of the ice cream. The cold and sweet taste seemed to temporarily suppress the heat in her eyes.

“””In that case, you might be married now,”” she said softly.”

Qiao Yanze laughed.

“””I’m afraid not.”” There was an indescribable warmth in his calm tone. “”I’ll probably still fall in love with you, and in order to get you, I’ll be even crazier than now.”””

Li Yinian’s heart skipped a beat as she gripped the ice cream tightly.

“””Qiao Yanze, stop joking…”””

“She had thought that the man’s rare calmness was because he had already accepted the fact that it was impossible between them. Perhaps, he had specially taken the time to see her because he was indignant.”

“However, it seemed like she had been too optimistic.”

“””Are you frightened?”” The man looked at her pale face and the laziness in his voice appeared again. “”So you should be glad that at least, we used to be together, so my mental demons aren’t too serious.”””

Li Yinian heaved a sigh of relief.

“””That’s right.”” Her voice was very soft. “”At least we were happy for those few months. It’s enough as long as you still have that beauty in your heart. Your persistence will only destroy it. So, can you let go?”””

Qiao Yanze did not speak for a long time.

“Li Yinian’s heart was in her throat. Fortunately, she finally heard the man’s hoarse voice. “”Okay.”””

“She exhaled slowly, feeling as if the huge rock in her heart had been completely lifted. While she was relieved, she also felt a deep sense of loss. However, she could overcome this.”

“If he let go, it meant that secrets would always be secrets. Those things that terrified her would never happen.”

“””It’s dark,”” Qiao Yanze said. “”I should go.”””

“He stood up, but his body couldn’t help but sway. Li Yinian was shocked and couldn’t care less about the ice cream in her hand. She subconsciously reached out to help him.”

“It was only then that she remembered that this man had just recovered from a serious illness. He had been on the plane for more than ten hours, followed by several hours of driving. His body had probably reached its limit long ago.”

“She made a prompt decision. “”If you don’t have anything urgent, rest here for the night before leaving.”””

Qiao Yanze’s face turned pale.

“He looked down at her, his dark eyes unfathomable.”

“””Okay,”” he finally said with a smile.”


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