Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 1282

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Chapter 1282: Qiao Yanze’s Plan

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Li Yinian finally understood his plan.

“She smiled bitterly. “”It’s useless. Besides, if you appraise it now, someone might discover it.”””

“””I won’t be satisfied until I see the results with my own eyes.”” He took off his jacket and threw it aside. Then, he grabbed her wrist with both hands and said in a low voice, “”As for whether the secret will be exposed… it doesn’t matter at all.”””


“Li Yinian’s eyes widened. Perhaps it was the coldness in the man’s tone or the strength of his hands, but she eventually panicked.”

“””What do you mean?”””

“””What I mean is that what you’re afraid of won’t happen at all. If you’re really my sister, then do you know what this means?”” He laughed hoarsely. “”It means that you’re qualified to a share of the Qiao family’s huge wealth. After all, according to the law, children born out of wedlock and illegitimate children have the same inheritance rights. Do you think Qiao Yanxun and the others will be willing to see this outcome? Even if Qiao Fengnian is willing, I’m afraid they’ll try their best to stop him from acknowledging you.”””

“Li Yinian bit her lip and said, “”But if they’re not the only ones who know…”””

“””There’s no evidence.”” The man curled his lips coldly. “”Unless Qiao Fengnian publicly acknowledges your identity, so what if everyone knows? To the outside world, you’re just Li Yinian, the daughter of the Li family. Without evidence, the media won’t report such news. If you don’t want to be frowned upon, then settle down overseas. Isn’t that your plan now? At worst, it’ll be the same as now.”””

“Li Yinian’s eyelashes fluttered and her breathing became heavier. “”But you… They all know you…”””

“””Yes, they all know that my private life is a little indecent. So what?”” The man’s smile was cold. “”My ability won’t be reduced because of this.”””

Li Yinian was finally speechless.

“She didn’t understand why something that seemed extremely serious to her was harmless to him. For countless nights, she had been tortured by guilt and humiliation. She was worried that he might be disgusted and repulsed by her and also worried that his life would be ruined after the secret was exposed.”

“However, based on his words, it was as if there was nothing to care about. She had been worrying for nothing from the beginning.”

“””…It’s not that simple,”” she could had no choice but to say feebly.”

“””Actually, it’s that simple. When you have enough power and authority, no morals or ethics can restrain you anymore.”” He smiled hoarsely. “”It’s just that you can’t get past the hurdle in your heart.”””

“””Don’t you… care at all?”” She almost bit her gums until they bled. “”Qiao Yanze, do you need me to remind you? I’m your half-sister!”””

Qiao Yanze’s eyes darkened and he laughed hoarsely.

“He stroked her face with his hot fingers and said hoarsely, “”Do you know that the fact you emphasized this will only make me more interested?”””

Li Yinian’s eyes widened and she couldn’t help holding her breath.

“Her heart started beating wildly, and the unbelievable panic made all the pores on her body open.”

“She couldn’t help shaking her head. “”No… Qiao Yanze, you won’t…”””

This man must be crazy!


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