Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 1283

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Chapter 1283: My Heart Hurts When I Think About You Being With Another Man

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“””I’ll return to Yang City tomorrow and send the DNA samples of you and Qiao Fengnian for identification.”” The man chuckled. “”But I never take chances. So… if the results are still not satisfactory, I can only help you overcome the hurdle in your heart as soon as possible.”” ”

“Li Yinian felt her teeth chattering. She tried to struggle, but her body refused to listen to her. She could only watch him approach. ”

“The man’s hot breath stirred up a layer of air that brushed against her face, making her hair stand on end. ”


She turned her face to the side and avoided his thin lips.

“””Qiao Yanze…”” She choked and her tone was filled with panic. “”I beg you… Don’t be like this…”” ”

“Qiao Yanze looked at her pale face and chuckled. “”I don’t want to force you, but what should I do? My heart aches at the thought of you being with another man.”” ”

“””You… You clearly…”” She bit her lip hard. ”

“It was obvious that he had said everything to confuse her. Otherwise, how could she have let her guard down and sent him back to the hotel? ”

His attitude and weakness were all a front to make her walk into his trap.

It was ridiculous that she believed him.

“””If you can’t accept Qin Hongyu’s existence… I’ll break up with him immediately…”” She bit her lips tightly. Because of her panic, she couldn’t help but tear up. “”I promise… I’ll never date any man again!”” ”

“””No, Yinian, this isn’t what I want.”” Qiao Yanze laughed and pressed his forehead against hers. “”What are you afraid of? You knew what our relationship was when we were together those three years. Didn’t you accept it?”” ”

“””It’s different.”” She sounded like she was about to cry. “”You didn’t know back then. I thought you’d never know… Don’t force me.”” ”

“However, his aura still enveloped her senses. ”

“Qiao Yanze pressed her body tighter so that she could clearly sense the change in him. His deep voice was hoarse with desire. “”But so what if I know? I don’t mind. It doesn’t make any difference to me. Yinian, don’t lie to yourself. Actually, you don’t mind as much as you think. You just don’t want to admit it.”” ”

“These words seemed to have destroyed a certain layer of protection for the woman, and her eyes turned red. ”

“””Qiao Yanze, don’t make me hate you… Mmph!”” ”

Her unfinished words were blocked by the man’s burning lips and tongue.

“She trembled even more and rejected his intrusion fiercely. However, the man was more patient and determined than her. Even when she bit him with her teeth, he did not retreat. Instead, he took the opportunity to go deeper and plundered her breath, making her lose all strength to struggle. ”

“The man’s heavy breathing and the woman’s almost desperate sobs sounded in the room, but they still did not arouse much ambiguity. The kiss lasted for a long time, and when it ended, Li Yinian no longer had any strength to resist. There was only helplessness and despair in her eyes. ”

“However, when Qiao Yanze’s hand reached into her heavy skirt, she still seemed to be scalded and her entire body trembled. ”


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