Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 1288

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Chapter 1288: Untitled

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“At this point, Qiao Yanze’s tone became even more bitter. “”No matter how narcissistic I am, I can’t lie to myself anymore… So, you probably really don’t love me anymore. Perhaps you still have feelings for me, but those feelings are so weak that they can’t withstand any setbacks or waves.”””

“Li Yinian closed her eyes. Her face, which had turned slightly red after the bath, turned pale again.”

She felt as if something was stuck in her throat. The pain and despair in the man’s tone almost completely defeated her.


“She wanted to retort, but her mind was blank. She couldn’t even say “”No.”””

“Two seconds later, she realized that there was no need for her to retort. He had decided that she no longer loved him before he could let go completely. This was the outcome she had been pursuing, wasn’t it?”

But… why did she feel so uncomfortable? Why did her eyes feel hot and why did she have difficulty breathing?

“””So, I hope that you can break through that psychological barrier and accept me before the results are out. If you love me enough, at least you won’t be so resistant…”” He laughed hoarsely. “”Unfortunately…”””

“Li Yinian bit her lips hard, and her eyes turned red.”

“This man was indeed cunning. She should have been angry or even hated him because of his actions, but the pain and despair in his voice were so deep that she even felt a little guilty.”

“In the past few years, she had been forced to stay by his side. However, she knew very well that this man was far from happy or satisfied. He was the one who refused to let her go. He was the one who had been chasing after her, and he was also the one she had rejected and even mocked.”

“Li Yinian often couldn’t figure out how he gathered his courage and where his persistence came from. However, she could at least see how difficult it was to pursue someone one-sidedly.”

“Was it because he really loved her so much, or was it because of his stubbornness?”

“She took a deep breath and suppressed her messy thoughts, along with her guilt.”

“””Qiao Yanze, I’ve told you countless times,”” she said almost mechanically. “”I don’t love you anymore. If you really want to know the reason, maybe it started when I aborted that child…”””

“The man looked at her and his breathing slowed down and became heavier, as if his rapid breathing had become a burden.”

“””So, that’s your decision.”” He nodded slightly. “”No matter what the outcome, you can’t accept me anymore, right?”””

Li Yinian closed her eyes and didn’t say anything for a long time.

“She had always been certain of this fact and had never thought that she might have been wrong from the beginning. As a result, when she seriously thought of this possibility, she felt ridiculously confused.”


“Even if everything back then was just a misunderstanding, how could they return to the past after experiencing so much?”

“Besides, he was destined to be the heir to the Fengqiao Corporation in the future. How could he not have children? Perhaps he didn’t care, but the elders of the Qiao family wouldn’t accept this. Even if she was soft-hearted and returned to his side, it was still impossible for them to end up together.”

It would undoubtedly just be another painful torture.

“””That’s right.”” She felt as if her soul had floated into the sky, watching this scene of herself calmly and indifferently saying those words.”


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