Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 1295

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Chapter 1295: Untitled

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“This change caught them off guard, so although they seemed to be worried about their seriously ill father, they were actually considering their next step. ”

It was easy to understand Qiao Yanxun’s emotions.

“If Qiao Fengnian could not be rescued, Qiao Yanxun would probably be the happiest. After all, he had been working in Fengqiao Corporation for many years and had a deep strong. He had the greatest advantage since Qiao Fengnian had yet to choose an heir. ”


“Relatively speaking, Qiao Yanze, who had the weakest foundation, needed Qiao Fengnian’s support the most. ”

“Hence, after seeing Qiao Yanze, Qiao Yanxun could not suppress the fanaticism and smugness in his eyes. ”

“””Yanze is here. Come comfort Mom and stop her from crying.”” He suppressed the smugness in his voice and pretended to be in pain. ”

“Qiao Yanze looked at him indifferently and walked over to hold Madam Qiao’s shoulder. “”What did the doctor say?”” ”

“Qiao Yansen said, “”The doctor is still performing emergency rescue in there…”” ”

“As soon as he finished speaking, the lights in the emergency room went out. ”

Madam Qiao stood up immediately.

“The doctor walked out and said with a sigh of relief, “”Chairman Qiao is already out of danger, but it’s hard to say if this situation will happen again. You must persuade Chairman Qiao to rest more. Don’t worry too much and don’t get angry.”” ”

“””Yes, we’ll remember.”” Qiao Yanxun went up to him. “”Can we go in and see him?”” ”

“””You can go in when Chairman Qiao wakes up.”” ”

“””Okay, okay!”” Madam Qiao stood up and thanked her. She was haggard and looked like she had aged a few years, no longer exuding the elegance of a noblewoman. ”

“No matter how much she hated Qiao Fengnian for being a playboy, she still wanted him to live well after having been married to him for so many years. ”

“””Mom, you heard it too.”” Qiao Yanze looked up and met Qiao Yanxun’s gaze. “”Dad is still fine.”” ”

“Qiao Yanxun pursed his lips, his expression unreadable. ”

Qiao Fengnian woke up half an hour later.

He knew what choice to make even without the doctor’s reminder.

“Hence, when he saw his children who each had different thoughts, he could not help but feel sad. ”

“””As you all know.”” He sighed. “”I’ll submit my resignation immediately. The board of directors will decide on the president of the corporation during the next meeting.”” ”

“””Dad…”” Qiao Yanni boldly asked, “”Then… Who do you like more?”” ”

“””I’ll wait for the board to decide.”” He waved his hand. “”Let’s go. I want to rest.”” ”

They did not dare to say anything else and immediately filed out.

“””Yanze, wait.”” Qiao Fengnian suddenly stopped him. ”

“Qiao Yanze stopped and turned to look at him. “”Father.”” ”

“””You and the heiress of Yunshi…”” He frowned slightly. “”If you can settle down, settle down as soon as possible.”” ”

“Qiao Yanze paused and smiled. “”Okay.”” ”

“Qiao Yanxun and the others hadn’t gone out yet, and their expressions changed when they heard that. Qiao Fengnian’s words were equivalent to expressing that he preferred Qiao Yanze, but the premise was that Qiao Yanze had to obtain the support of the board of directors. ”

“Qiao Yanze’s biggest problem was his shallow foundation, but with Yunshi’s support, the number of people on the board of directors who supported him would probably double. ”

“Facing their vicious gazes, Qiao Yanze suddenly laughed and walked out of the ward first. ”

“Looking at his back view, Qiao Yanxun’s expression changed unpredictably. Qiao Yansen looked hateful, but Qiao Yanni was very calm. “”It’s impossible for him to deal with Yunshi in just a few days.”” ”


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