Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 1296

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Chapter 1296: Untitled

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That’s right. The sudden decrease in time seemed to be the most disadvantageous for Qiao Yanze.

But Qiao Yanze didn’t care.

“After all, no one would object to getting everything they wanted a year and a half in advance. ”


Qiao Fengnian was discharged after staying in the hospital for a day. The Fengqiao Corporation’s board meeting would be happening the following day.

“All the directors did not expect the change to happen so quickly. Many of them were still watching at first, but who knew that they would have to make a decision now? They were all caught off guard. ”

“However, the head of the company had to be decided immediately. Otherwise, it would definitely affect the stock price. ”

Their gazes landed on the candidates.

“Qiao Yanxun’s calm face was covered in suppressed fanaticism and excitement. Qiao Yansen looked anxious, and Qiao Yanni was also very nervous. ”

“Only Qiao Yanze looked indifferent and unmoved, as if everything today had nothing to do with him. He even smiled and chatted with a few directors about the recent World Cup competition. ”

“Not long after, Qiao Fengnian arrived with his assistant. The board meeting immediately started. ”

“””Everyone, I won’t say anything else. My children have all applied for the position of CEO of the corporation. They have been working for the company for at least three years, and everyone has seen their performance. Today, please choose the most suitable heir.”” After a pause, he added, “”I will make my decision after your vote.”” ”

No one objected.

“””Do you have anything to say before the voting begins?”” Qiao Fengnian looked at Qiao Yanze meaningfully. He knew that Qiao Yanze had met Yunshi’s heiress yesterday. ”

“However, Qiao Yanze smiled and shook his head. It seemed like he did not intend to explain his relationship with her. ”

“This made Qiao Fengnian a little unhappy. Even if it had not been decided yet, emphasizing this to the directors would increase his bargaining power. This kid… ”

“He put away his displeasure and said in a low voice, “”Since no one is talking…”” ”

“””Wait. Father, I have something to say.”” Qiao Yanxun suddenly smiled. “”Before you make a decision, I might need you to understand something.”” ”

“As he spoke, his gaze landed on Qiao Yanze. ”

Qiao Yanze’s gaze darkened.

“””What?”” Qiao Fengnian frowned slightly. ”

Qiao Yansen and Qiao Yanni also frowned and looked at Qiao Yanxun with hostile expressions.

“””Father, I just received a paternity test report two days ago,”” Qiao Yanxun said. “”You’ve heard of Li Yinian, right?”” ”

“””The girl from the Li family…”” Qiao Fengnian looked at Qiao Yanze. “”What happened to her?”” ”

“””She’s Yanze’s ex-girlfriend. The two of them are still in contact until now,”” Qiao Yanxun said confidently. “”In other words, Yanze has always been obsessed with this woman.”” ”

“””So what?”” Qiao Fengnian’s displeasure intensified. In his opinion, although this was inappropriate, it was too ridiculous to use it against Qiao Yanze. ”

“””Of course it’s nothing,”” Qiao Yanxun said slowly as he took out a report from under the document. “”But… what if Li Yinian and Yanze are related by blood?”” ”

“The meeting room was in an uproar, but Qiao Yanze’s expression remained calm. ”

“””What nonsense are you spouting!”” Qiao Fengnian scolded. ”

“””Father.”” Qiao Yanxun smiled. “”I’m afraid you didn’t expect you to have a wandering daughter. I have evidence here. It’s the paternity test report of Yanze and Miss Li.”” ”


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