Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 130

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Chapter 130: The Gown Is Here

Mu Yanhuai was very anxious, and his anxiety had reached its peak after seeing Ye Shengge and Tianyi.

Mu Xiaoya had been very happy, but when she realized Mu Yanhuai was staring at Ye Shengge, she was immediately filled with jealousy and hatred.

“Let’s talk outside, brother!” She forced a smile and dragged Mu Yanhuai out of the makeup room.

After they left, Shang Tianyi rolled his eyes and said, “Shameless.”

He had already quit his job, so he didn’t like Mu Yanhuai at all.

“Ignore them,” Ye Shengge said with her eyes closed.

Of course, she had heard Mu Yanhuai and Mu Xiaoya’s voices, but now, she couldn’t be emotional anymore.

“It’s done.” The makeup artist breathed a sigh of relief and smiled. “Miss Ye, I’ll put on lip makeup based on the color of the gown.”

“Okay, thank you.” Ye Shengge opened her eyes and was satisfied that the makeup artist had kept the rose she had made before she came.

People were entering and leaving the makeup room.

Mu Xiaoya hugged Mu Yanhuai and said, “I won’t allow you to look at Ye Shengge again!”

Mu Yanhuai frowned. Every staff member who walked past would look at them, which made Mu Yanhuai uncomfortable.

However, he knew that she would definitely kick up a fuss if he pushed Mu Xiaoya away.

“We’re all in this industry, so we’ll come across each other.” Mu Yanhuai sounded annoyed. “I’ll try my best.”

“Humph…” Mu Xiaoya could tell that he was upset, so she didn’t dare to argue with him anymore.

“Xiaoya, Isn’t this your brother!” Two actresses walked out of the makeup room and greeted Mu Xiaoya enthusiastically.

“It’s you girls.” Mu Xiaoya nodded. “That’s right. This is Boss Mu.”

Both of them were newbies, and they were always trying to suck up to Mu Xiaoya. Mu Xiaoya enjoyed it very much, and she treated them very well.

“Hi, Boss Mu. Are you and Sister Xiaoya waiting for someone here?” The two actresses greeted him.

Mu Yanhuai nodded.

“I’ll wait here for the gown.” Mu Xiaoya smiled. “I don’t even like the gowns sponsored today, so I asked for another one. It’ll be here soon.”

“Wow!” The two artists exclaimed.

At this moment, a limousine pulled up backstage and stopped in front of them.

One of the female artists suddenly exclaimed, “It’s Valentino! Oh my god, Sister Xiaoya, I’m so jealous that you’re able to get hold of a Valentino.”

Mu Xiaoya was stupefied. She got excited when she saw the logo on the car.

It was indeed a Valentino! The luxury good amongst luxury goods, pinnacle of the A-list! Their company’s premium line was worth at least a few million dollars, and only sponsored top-notch international actors. Chinese celebrities rarely got any sponsorship from the Valentino, so there was no way they could buy it!

Mu Yanhuai had given her a Valentino gown!

“I love the surprise, brother!” Mu Xiaoya held his arm and tried to contain her excitement.

Two blonde-haired and blue-eyed middle-aged men got out of the car, smiled at them, and bowed slightly before walking to the back seat to get the gown.

All the staffers who walked past saw the Valentino logo and ran in to spread the news. Before long, all the artists in the makeup room heard about it.

Many people were jealous of her after they heard that the director of Valentino had come personally to give Mu Xiaoya a formal gown.

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