Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 1302

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Chapter 1302: Their expectations of Qiao yanze

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“””Don’t say anymore.”” Qiao fengnian said in a deep voice, “” the results of this paternity test prove everything. There’s no incest scandal. Don’t mention this again. The Board of Directors has already made their choice, Yingluo.”” ”

“He looked around the room, his gaze finally landing on Qiao yanze. ”

“””From everyone’s point of view, I also like yanze. In that case, Fengqiao group will be handed over to yanze in the future, and I will be handing over the work to him next. Does anyone have any other opinions?”” ”


“After Qiao fengnian finished speaking, the directors all shook their heads. Some of them had been rather critical of Qiao yanze’s unscrupulous behavior, but now that it had been proven that he had not had any incest, they had nothing to say. ”

“Qiao Yansen and Qiao Yanni looked at each other. They were a little unwilling, but since things had come to this, they had no reason to object. Moreover, seeing their usually gentle and elegant brother reveal such an ugly side, they couldn’t help but gloat. ”

“They didn’t have much hope anyway. Although they couldn’t become the group’s CEO, they had full control of their own fields. Even if Qiao yanze was in this position, it did not mean that he would be able to sit firmly in it. ”

“The term of office of a group’s President was usually five years. After five years, if he did not perform well, it was not like he could not change the position. ”

“As the two of them thought of this, they immediately echoed, “” “”We have no objections, father. Yanze’s ability is obvious to all.”” ”

Only Qiao yanxun’s eyes were red as he gritted his teeth.

“””Big brother, you seem to be unconvinced?”” Qiao yanze smiled. see, now that the truth is out, you don’t have to worry about my private life affecting Fengqiao’s image. You should be happy, shouldn’t you? Also, let me remind you that the voting by the directors ended before the truth was revealed.”” ”

“Hearing Qiao yanze’s last sentence, Qiao yanxun’s face twisted even more. ”

“He thought that he had something on this kid, but who knew that it would be completely useless! Did this kid do something, or was Qiao yanze really so much better than him that the directors would rather choose Qiao yanze, who had a moral stain, than trust him, who had worked so hard for the company for so many years? ”

Qiao yanxun could not accept this outcome. He gritted his teeth and did not say anything more.

“””It seems like no one has any objections.”” Qiao fengnian finally revealed a smile. very good. Yanze, you have to do a good job and not let the Board of Directors down.”” ”

“Qiao yanze smiled. father, don’t worry. ”


“The news that Qiao yanze was about to inherit the position of President of Fengqiao group quickly became a hot topic among all employees through an internal email. Not long after, Fengqiao group also made an announcement, officially announcing the news. ”

“As a listed company, such a big personnel change in Fengqiao was enough to make the headlines of the financial news. Qiao yanze’s popularity also made this news receive more attention. Many people did not expect Qiao yanze to win the internal struggle of the Qiao family, and Fengqiao’s stock price also rose a lot. This showed that the shareholders were still quite confident about the personnel change, and it also showed their expectations of Qiao yanze. ”

“Li Yinian, who was far away in Vienna, also saw the news. ”

“To be exact, it was Qin Hongyu who told her the news. ”


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