Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 1305

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Chapter 1305: It’s been taken.

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Li Yinian arrived in Sun City the next afternoon.

“Shang Tianyi came to the airport to pick her up. After they got in the car, he told the driver, “” “”To Hua Yao.”””

“””Why?”” li Yinian was stunned.”


“””A recording.”” Shang Tianyi explained briefly, “” we’ll do the trial recording as soon as we get there. We’re short on time because we can only borrow it for this afternoon and tomorrow morning.”

“As the largest entertainment company in the country, Hua Yao also had the best recording studio equipment, but they rarely lent it to outsiders.”

Li Yinian was a little surprised.

“Shang Tianyi saw her confusion and explained with a smile, “” it’s all thanks to Shengge’s foresight back then that she managed to get the rights to many big IPS in advance. Hua Yao took the initiative to develop it together with us, and we will have a series of strategic cooperation in the future. Of course, a small matter like borrowing a recording studio wasn’t a problem! It’s a pity that Qiao yanze has just become the president of the company and is very busy. Otherwise, we could have asked him to inform Hua Yao and we would definitely be able to borrow it for two more days.”””

“Li Yinian’s breath stopped for a moment when she heard Qiao yanze’s name, but she was also grateful that Shang Tianyi did not avoid the name on purpose.”

“””Two and a half days is more than enough,”” she said as she took out the score.”

“She had received the score yesterday, and the ten-hour flight was enough for her to learn it.”

“””Actually, even if you stay in Sun City, there shouldn’t be anything to worry about. Even if Qiao yanze wanted to, he wouldn’t be able to find you now.”” Shang Tianyi said carefully, “” after all, your career almost stopped once you went abroad. It’s a pity that your die-hard fans almost paralyzed the official Weibo.”

“””We’ll talk about this later.”” Li Yinian was stunned. I can’t just give up my studies in Vienna halfway.”””

“””That’s true.”” Shang Tianyi nodded.”

It was only when they arrived at the recording studio that they realized that it was already occupied by someone. Li Yinian was no stranger to this person-it was su qinxue.

“Su qinxue had not entered the entertainment industry, but that did not stop her from occasionally singing and acting for fun. However, su qinxue’s main battlefield was all sorts of celebrity parties. Back when li Yinian had not left the Li family, the two of them had often bumped into each other at all sorts of parties and cocktail parties. Even though they knew each other, they were not on good terms. To be exact, su qinxue was the one who had unilaterally regarded her as an enemy.”

“By the way, she seemed to have been in contact with Qiao yanze before.”

“As these thoughts flashed through li Yinian’s mind, Shang Tianyi frowned unhappily. “”Chu-Chu, go and ask them when they’ll be done.”””

“Her assistant, Xu Chuchu, immediately walked over, but before she could get close, su qinxue was blocked by someone. After some negotiation, su qinxue came back angrily.”

“””Brother Tianyi, sister Yinian, that lady said that the recording studio for today and tomorrow will be hers. Please change the time.”” Xu Chu Chu’s face was filled with anger.”

“””What’s going on?”” Shang Tianyi took out his phone and called the senior management of Hua Yao. After negotiating with the other party, he hung up the phone angrily. ran ran said that President Xu of Hua Yao personally asked to free up the recording studio for miss su. He asked us to postpone it to next week, saying that it would only be available then. He’s such a bully!”

“””We won’t be able to make it in time next week.”” Li Yinian thought for a moment. didn’t the film producers send anyone? “””

“we agreed that they would come over tomorrow morning for the official recording. After all, it’s just an audition today, “” Shang Tianyi said angrily. no, I can’t take this!”


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