Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 1306

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Chapter 1306: What if I turn back to look for him now?

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“It was fine when he was in star brilliance, but ever since he came to Shi Sheng’s studio S Shang Tianyi had never suffered such S loss because he had T.S. Corporation behind him! ”

“Li Yinian saw that he was dialing a number again and a bad thought suddenly came to her mind.””Tianyi, who are you calling?”” ”

“The call got through, but Shang Tianyi ignored her and said to the person on the other end, “” “”President Qiao, I’m in some trouble. Can you help me?”” ”


“Li Yinian’s eyes widened and she instinctively reached out to grab his phone. However, Shang Tianyi stopped her and explained the situation to her in a few words. Unfortunately, before Qiao yanze could reply, li Yinian successfully snatched the phone away and hung up. ”

“””I won’t allow you to ask him for help!”” Li Yinian tried to suppress her anger. ”

“””I didn’t mention your name, Yingluo.”” ”

“””That won’t do either.”” Li Yinian was insistent. you can call Shengge and ask her to look for Qiao yanze, but you can’t look for him directly. ”

“Shang Tianyi finally had nothing to say. If it was not for li Yinian, he would not have had any direct contact with Qiao yanze. He should not have called Qiao yanze directly. ”

“””Alright, I won’t do it again.”” Shang Tianyi coughed. but he’ll definitely help this time. ”

“””Heaven’s will!”” Although li Yinian had lowered her voice, she could not suppress the anger in her voice. you know Qianqian. ”

“Li Yinian immediately dispelled his unrealistic idea. “”That miss su is his old flame. Maybe it was Qiao yanze’s call that made President Xu of Hua Yao let her use the recording studio.”” ”

Shang Tianyi was dumbfounded.

“””She seems to be leaving!”” Xu Chuchu suddenly said. ”

“Li Yinian immediately turned around and saw su qinxue walking towards them. However, it did not seem like she was leaving. Was Qianqian here to look for her? ”

“As expected, su qinxue quickly stood in front of her. ”

“””Yi Nian.”” She blinked her eyes, which had been applied with countless layers of mascara, and smiled. I really didn’t know you were here to record today. I’m really sorry. ”

“””Since you’re so sorry, then hurry up and leave the recording studio.”” Li Yinian retorted calmly. ”

“Su qinxue’s face froze for a moment, but she immediately smiled again.””That won’t do. Yanze personally found a place for me and I haven’t finished recording yet, how can I let him down?”” ”

“As expected, it was Qiao yanze. ”

“Shang Tianyi snorted, but li Yinian remained calm. “”Then, when will you finish recording?”” ”

“””Well, we’ll need to use it until at least the night.”” Su qinxue smiled provocatively. I’ll be using it for the whole day tomorrow. ”

“Li Yinian turned to Shang Tianyi. “”Can I borrow the recording studio from another studio?”” ”

“””I can, but I promised the producer that I would be able to borrow Hua Yao’s recording studio.”” Shang Tianyi sighed. so they agreed to my price. ”

Li Yinian bit her lower lip.

“Su qinxue laughed contemptuously. say, if you had hugged Qiao yanze tightly back then, you wouldn’t have ended up like this. I’m afraid you didn’t expect him to be the final winner, did you?”” ”

“Li Yinian looked at her and smiled. “”Say, if I turn back and look for him now, do you think you’ll still stand a chance?”” ”

Su qinxue’s expression changed.

“She had once made Qiao yanze her goal, but the man’s indifferent attitude had hurt her pride, so she had said goodbye to him in a fit of anger. She was the one who had not expected Qiao yanze to win in the end. ”


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