Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 1308

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Chapter 1308: You better find a place to hide.

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“Xu Chuchu laughed but did not say anything. Li Yinian also shook her head and laughed.””No, we can’t disturb you. Chu-Chu, let’s go to a hotel.”” ”

Xu Chu Chu immediately nodded.

Shang Tianyi had no choice but to let them be.


“He personally sent the two of them to the hotel. Although li Yinian had retired for half a year and wasn’t very popular, it was hard to guarantee that she wouldn’t be disturbed by her fans. So, Shang Tianyi was worried and reminded Xu Chuchu for a long time before leaving. ”

“””Brother Tianyi is getting more and more naggy.”” Xu Chuchu sighed. sister Yinian, I’ll go to the dining room to get you dinner. ”

Li Yinian nodded.

“After Xu Chuchu left, she went to the balcony of the living room. Thinking of the scene in the afternoon, she couldn’t help but close her eyes. ”

It was still not enough. Ran ran should have been calmer.

“She curled her lips in a self-deprecating manner and turned back to the living room to take a shower, but she heard the door open. ”

“However, the person who came in was not Xu Chuchu, but a man in a suit. ”

“When she saw the man’s tall figure, her eyes widened and she held her breath for a moment. However, two seconds later, she reacted and subconsciously grabbed the phone. ”

“Qiao yanze, why do you have a room card? “” Her voice was a little tight. ”

“Looking at the woman’s defensive posture, a trace of obscure emotion flashed past the man’s handsome eyes. ”

“His Adam’s apple moved before he said in a deep voice, “” “”This is a hotel under Fengqiao.”” ”

“Li Yinian bit her lip hard. There were too many hotels under Feng Qiao, and many of them had nothing to do with the name Feng Qiao, so she couldn’t avoid it even if she wanted to. ”

“””What do you want to do?”” She asked, her breathing rapid. ”

“””There’s something I might need to explain to you.”” The man closed the door, his eyes filled with deep emotions. don’t worry, I won’t do anything to you. ”

“””You say that every time.”” Li Yinian said coldly. ”

Qiao yanze laughed hoarsely.

“””But it’s real this time.”” His eyes were unusually focused, so focused that they almost seemed to be dazed. the phone is in your hands. If I have any ill intentions towards you, you can call the police at any time. ”

“Li Yinian’s grip on her phone tightened when she heard that. “”If you want to say something, you can say it now. You’d better leave before my assistant comes back.”” ”

“””I heard you broke up with Qin Hongyu.”” The man stared at her and asked, “” why? “” ”

“””It has nothing to do with you.”” She took a deep breath. also, can you remove the bodyguards you placed beside me? I’m very safe, I don’t need anyone to protect me. “” ”

I’ve just taken over this position. There are still many people who are dissatisfied. It’s better to be more cautious. Qiao yanze smiled.

“””Shouldn’t you be busy now?”” li Yinian looked away. Why do you still have time to waste with me?”” ”

“””Oh, I’m not trying to waste time with you.”” The man said nonchalantly, “” in fact, my mother and I have an appointment here. ”

“””What?”” li Yinian’s expression changed drastically. ”

“Just as she finished speaking, there was a knock on the door behind her. ”

“””It seems that she has arrived.”” Qiao yanze smiled. you’d better find a place to hide. ”

“With that, he turned to open the door. ”

“Li Yinian was stunned. She really had no idea what this man was up to, but at least she knew that she could not let Mrs. Qiao see her in the same room as Qiao yanze. ”

“It was too late for her to hide in the bedroom, so she turned around and quickly hid on the balcony. Then, she pulled the curtains to hide herself. ”

“The moment the curtains were drawn, she heard the clatter of high heels, followed by Mrs. Qiao’s slightly complaining voice. ”

“yanze, I only came out because you said you wanted to give me a surprise. Why did they send me to a hotel? “” ”

“””Mom, have a seat.”” Qiao yanze’s voice was heard next. there’s something you don’t seem to know. Ran ran and the others didn’t tell you about what happened at the board meeting the other day, did they? “” ”

“””You mean the day of the vote?”” what happened? “” Madam Qiao asked curiously. ”

“that day, eldest brother took out a test report and said that Yinian and I are blood-related siblings. Don’t you think it’s funny, Yingluo? “” Qiao yanze said with a faint smile. ”


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