Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 1309

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Chapter 1309: Do you know whose daughter she is?

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“Mrs. Qiao didn’t know what happened on the day of the board meeting. She only knew that her favorite youngest son took the position, but she didn’t show it because she was concerned about the other children’s feelings. She had been focused on taking care of Qiao fengnian, who was idle at home, so the defeated Qiao yanxun and the others didn’t have any opinions or dissatisfaction with her.”

She had to admit that she had always been a smart woman.

“That was why when Qiao yanze said that he was going to give her a surprise today, she did not reveal anything and only said that she was going shopping. In fact, she had indeed shopped for the entire afternoon before she arrived at the place that Qiao yanze had specified.”


“Even though she was complaining, she still had a smile on her face. It could be said that she was proud of herself.”

“However, all her good mood disappeared after Qiao yanze said that.”

“At that moment, the blood on her face drained away and she froze. It was only when she met Qiao yanze’s dark and cold eyes that she suddenly reacted and smiled to hide her emotions.””This is indeed too ridiculous! Your big brother is too much, Yingluo!”””

“but it’s strange. There were two hair samples attached to the appraisal book given by big brother. One of them was indeed mine. I took it for appraisal after the incident, but the other one was not Yinian’S- Qiao yanze looked at Madam Qiao as he spoke, his voice low and slow. it’s third sister’s. In that case, the results of the DNA test will naturally show that we are related by blood.”””

“Before he could finish, the curtain connecting the living room to the balcony suddenly shook violently, but Mrs. Qiao’s face was unusually ugly, so she didn’t notice this detail.”

“She used almost all of her self-restraint and tried her best to smile. “”Your big brother is also a doctor in a hurry.”””

“””But that report did happen four and a half years ago. Therefore, the appraisal itself is definitely not big brother’s doing.”” Qiao yanze shook his head as he spoke. moreover, the archive of the paternity test center shows that the address where the report was sent back to was indeed where Yinian and I lived back then. It seemed that this appraisal report was sent out by thought. I really can’t figure it out, Yingluo.”””

“””Yanze!”” Mrs. Qiao interrupted him and tried her best to smile. if you can’t figure it out, then don’t think about it. No matter what, your big brother lost to you, didn’t he? By the way, how’s your marriage with yunshi going?”””

“Qiao yanze did not say anything, but looked at her firmly. “”Mom, you did it, didn’t you? You changed Yinian’s hair sample into third sister’s Yingluo and used this method to force her to abort the child and force her to leave me. “””

“””What nonsense are you talking about?”” Mrs. Qiao was furious. it’s been so long. Don’t tell me you still can’t forget that woman? “””

“””That’s right.”” Qiao yanze admitted it without hesitation, his voice unusually hoarse. mom, I’m afraid I’ll have to disappoint you. There’s no such thing as a marriage. In fact, I won’t marry anyone else other than Yinian.”””

“Mrs. Qiao was shocked and angry. Perhaps Qiao yanze’s gaze was too cold, she suddenly put down the cup in her hand and raised her right hand to slap it hard …”

Qiao yanze did not Dodge.

“He took the blow with a blank expression, but the moment the palm print appeared on his cheek, the man’s entire temperament became gloomier and colder.”

“Madam Qiao immediately regretted it. She suddenly trembled and cried, “” “”Yanze, are you trying to anger me to death? Do you know whose daughter she is?”””


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