Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 1311

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Chapter 1311: As the initiator

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“””If I’m really related to Yinian by blood, then your actions are excusable even if you’re cruel. But now, I don’t have any excuse to help you.”” As he spoke, he laughed in an almost sorrowful manner. I don’t even have the right to ask for Yinian Wanwan’s forgiveness. ”

“””Then don’t bother about her!”” Mrs. Qiao’s spirits lifted. yanze, there are so many good girls in this world. I’ll go to the capital with your father in a few days and go to the Yun family to propose marriage! ”

“no, you don’t understand. Unless it’s Yinian, I won’t get married and have children with anyone else. Qiao yanze said slowly, “” you caused the child to be unable to be born and also caused Yinian to be unqualified to be a mother in this life. As the initiator, what right do I have to marry another woman and have children? You’re my mother, and I can’t do anything to you, so this is the punishment I’m destined to receive.”” ”


Madam Qiao felt like she had fallen into an ice cave.

“At this moment, she suddenly realized that Qiao yanze was not joking, he was serious! ”

“””Yanze, yanze, are you stupid! You didn’t do anything wrong! Besides, she’s that woman’s daughter. She Yingluo!”” ”

“””Yinian didn’t do anything wrong.”” Qiao yanze interrupted her. if you think that she deserves to pay for her mother’s actions, then I’m also paying for what you’ve done. Not to mention that you indirectly caused Wen Yan’s death. Compared to what you’ve done, the price I’ve paid is not even worth mentioning.”” ”

“Madam Qiao let out a low cry and grabbed Qiao yanze’s wrist. “”Yanze! Why, why! It was clearly that slut who first harmed my Yingluo.”” ”

“””Mom, you still don’t understand?”” Qiao yanze said hoarsely, his tone neither compassionate nor sarcastic. you shouldn’t hate the women around father the most. Although they’re detestable, the one who really let you down is father. He was the one who hurt you, the one who let you down, and the one who betrayed you. If you can’t tolerate it, then you should have left him decisively the first time he cheated on you. I remember that big brother wasn’t even born at that time, right? You have the chance to stop the losses, but you can’t bear to give up your identity as Madam Qiao. Then, I’ll be frank with you. The appearance of a woman like Wenyan is the result of your indulgence. You should have been mentally prepared.”” ”

“Madam Qiao was shocked and looked at him in disbelief. “”Yanze, are you saying that I brought this on myself? How dare you!”” ”

“””I’m not blaming you.”” Qiao yanze interrupted her, “” this is the marriage between you and father. As a son, I won’t interfere, but Yinian is innocent. You shouldn’t treat her like this. You’ve harmed both mother and daughter, and you’ve also hurt me so badly. ”

“Madam Qiao’s breathing was rapid, and her eyes were even more ruthless.””Don’t tell me you don’t want to acknowledge me as your mother? And you said something about not getting married and having children? Yingluo, are you threatening me? Do you think I’ll accept li Yinian just like that? In your dreams! I’ve said it before, unless I die!”” ”

“Qiao yanze looked at her silently, suddenly raising his right arm and slowly pushing away her hand that was holding his wrist. I’ve said it before. Because of you, I’ve lost the right to ask for Yinian’s forgiveness. So, you don’t have to worry. She doesn’t care if you accept her or not. In fact, she doesn’t even want me. Of course, you will always be my mother. It’s just that your opinion no longer matters to me. “” ”

Mrs. Qiao fell back onto the sofa and suddenly covered her face. Her shoulders were shaking badly.


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