Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 1318

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“Chapter 1318: &Quot; you can’t bear to part with me, can you? “” ”

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“This series of actions was done by the man very naturally, as if he had done it countless times. ”

“li yinian was suddenly in a daze. back when they were together, this man loved to feed her after they were done. ”

“She felt a lump in her throat and reached out her hand. “”I’ll do it myself,”” ”


“””It’s hot.”” Qiao yanze raised an eyebrow. let me feed you. ”

“””It won’t be hot if you hold it?”” She couldn’t help but retort. ”

“””My skin is rough and my flesh is thick,”” He replied calmly and brought the spoon to her lips again. ”

“Li Yinian had not eaten dinner and had been hanging out with this man for a few hours. She had not noticed it before, but now that she smelled the fragrance, her appetite was immediately aroused. ”

She could only open her mouth to catch it.

The man’s lips curled up as if he was very satisfied. He scooped another spoonful and blew on it before continuing to feed her until the bowl of porridge was finished.

“When she swallowed the last mouthful, the man suddenly reached out and touched the corner of her lips, wiping the rice off the corner of her mouth. The warmth of the man’s fingertips and his overly focused gaze made li Yinian shiver. ”

“Qiao yanze paused and retracted his hand as if nothing had happened. He smiled slightly, his voice low and gentle.””There are fried dumplings and soup dumplings, which one do you want to eat? This is all the hotel’s restaurant can provide at this hour.”” ”

Li Yinian shook her head. I’m full. You can have it yourself.

“””Then I’ll have the soup dumplings. I remember that you like to eat this.”” The man made a decision and took a box of soup dumplings from the dining cart. He picked one up and fed it to her. ”

“Li Yinian’s lips moved and she could not help but say, “” “”Qiao yanze, you’re so silly.”” ”

“””What?”” yes, “” he replied nonchalantly, as if he didn’t realize what she was struggling with. ”

Li Yinian was suddenly speechless as she accepted the warm soup dumpling silently.

Qiao yanze smiled slowly.

“He picked up a dumpling and put it in his mouth. After finishing the soup dumplings with her, he pushed the dining cart aside and walked over to lift the quilt, as if he was going to get on the bed. ”

“Li Yinian was shocked. She wrapped the blanket tightly around herself and couldn’t help but ask, “” Qiao yanze, it’s all over. ”

But even she didn’t realize that her words were trembling and hoarse.

The man’s hand clutched the corner of the blanket. He looked at the fragile determination in her wide eyes and his Adam’s apple could not help but move up and down.

“””I’m sleepy.”” He said in a low voice, “” at least let me sleep until dawn. ”

“””Then, Yueyue, bring me my sleeping robe.”” Li Yinian gave it some thought and compromised. ”

“Qiao yanze raised his eyebrows and simply took off his sleeping robe and threw it aside. Then, taking advantage of the moment when she relaxed her strength, he lifted the blanket and got in. ”

“Li Yinian yelped in shock. In the end, the man still had his way. ”

“””You clearly can’t bear to part with me, right?”” Qiao yanze chuckled, his hands on both sides as he held her firmly under him. ”

“Li Yinian’s breathing was rapid. She looked at the man’s handsome face that was so close to her, and the obscure emotions in her heart became more and more intense. She took a deep breath and suppressed her emotions with all her might.””Yes. But I can get used to it. “” ”

“Qiao yanze looked at her steadily, his body pressing down on her until it was against her forehead. ”

“that’s right. You’ve always been so calm. You’re always able to analyze the pros and cons rationally. He said hoarsely, “” but why don’t you even want to try? Don’t tell me that after so long, I still can’t give you a little bit of confidence?”” ”


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