Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 1320

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“Chapter 1320: &Quot; how far have you and Qin Hongyu progressed? “” ”

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“Qiao yanze grabbed her hand and laughed smugly. “”That’s right, even I didn’t expect this.”” ”

Li Yinian suddenly felt her chest tighten.

“did you agree to marry Xiao Cheng to avoid me? “” He asked again. ”


“Li Yinian put away her sluggish thoughts and shook her head gently.””No, at that time, I didn’t feel the need to avoid you. You can understand the engagement with Xiao Cheng as a form of self-abandonment. However, I didn’t lie to you before. Xiao Cheng is really good to me. He was willing to pay such a high price to marry me, not because he was lecherous, but because of my title as the ‘number one beauty’. Perhaps doing so would make others think that he’s not old yet, but in fact, he’s actually …”” ”

“””He’s already so old that he can’t take it anymore.”” Qiao yanze’s voice was a little gloomy. it’s a pity that he hid his physical condition very well back then. Otherwise, I would have found out long ago. ”

“Li Yinian suddenly found it funny. “”That’s right. However, he was still very good to me. Maybe Xiao ruilang was too arrogant, so he didn’t experience much of the joy of being a father. So, during that period of time, I even thought that he raised me like a daughter. He would tell me about his experience in dealing with people and even the philosophy of business when he was in a good mood. That’s why I feel that being with him might not be as bad as I thought.”” ”

“Qiao yanze laughed coldly. he treats you as his daughter. You treat him as your father. Since that’s the case, why are you still getting married?”” ”

Qiao yanze was still brooding over the fact that this woman had once been labeled by someone else.

“Li Yinian did not take his sarcasm to heart and sighed softly. “”If he’s still alive, Yingluo”” ”

“””You still can’t bear to part with him?”” The man interrupted her sternly. ”

“no, I just feel that Hanhan shouldn’t have died that way. seeing the man’s expression change, she tactfully changed the topic. let’s not talk about him. Let’s talk about something happy. ”

“Qiao yanze’s expression brightened slightly, as he grabbed her hand and kissed it. “”How far have you and Qin Hongyu progressed?”” ”

“””You really want to hear it?”” She raised her eyebrows slightly. ”

“The man’s face darkened again. His breathing was heavy, and he finally squeezed out a word from between his teeth, “” “”Speak!”” ”

Li Yinian couldn’t help but burst out laughing.

he’s a good man. You’ll never have to worry about getting hurt when you’re with him because he always puts your feelings first. He’s even more sensitive than you.

Qiao yanze listened to her praise another man with a cold face.

it’s just Hanhan. she reached out and touched the man’s cheek. There was an indescribable self-deprecating tone in her voice. I can’t fall in love with him after all.

“Qiao yanze grabbed her hand, his hyoid bone moving, his eyes burning. “”Because you still have me in your heart.”” ”

“Li Yinian’s eyelashes fluttered slightly, but she did not refute. ”

“Qiao yanze looked at her quietly for a while, before he lowered his head slightly and kissed her lips again. ”

“””I don’t mind waiting.”” His voice was hoarse and sluggish. maybe you just need time to think it through. At least, give me a chance, okay?”” ”

Li Yinian’s heart stirred and she could not calm down for a long time.

“””You’ll never have your own child, Yingluo. Do you really think that’s okay?”” She laughed in a hoarse voice. if you were infertile, I would definitely despise you and immediately find a new husband for myself. ”

“The man’s eyebrows moved slightly, and his large palm slid down and branded her lower abdomen. ”


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