Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 1323

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Chapter 1323: Staring at her almost greedily

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“However, li Yinian did not seem to be angry or sad.”

“After all, after so many years, she had gotten used to receiving all the critical blows from fate. Compared to the fact that Mrs. Qiao had killed Wen Yan, it was nothing to blame for Wen Yan’s assets being taken away and her being sent to the orphanage.”

She bit her lip when she saw Qiao yanze’s dark and obscure eyes.


“””I will find a way to find mother’s distant cousin and figure out everything.”” She said softly, “” I don’t know who my biological father is, ran ran, but since he didn’t find me, it means that he doesn’t care or doesn’t know of my existence at all. So, it doesn’t matter who he is anymore.”””

“Qiao yanze put his hand into her long hair, struggling for a few seconds before he said, “” “”I’ll help you.”””

“””No need.”” She shook her head. You’re at your busiest right now.”””

“Qiao yanze pursed his lips tightly, but he did not force her. It was indeed inappropriate for him to interfere too much in this matter.”

“””At least you don’t have to hide from me anymore.”” He said in a low voice, “” from now on, no matter what you do, you don’t have to worry about my existence.”

“””Alright.”” Li Yinian nodded gently.”

“Since the truth had been revealed, she naturally had no need to deliberately keep a distance from him.”

“Qiao yanze exhaled slowly, leaning over to plant a kiss on her face. “”Are you sleepy?”””

“””A little.”” She blinked. I’ll be recording in a few hours. If I’m late, the heavens will kill me. “””

“””Don’t worry, the recording studio will be yours for the whole day.”” Qiao yanze chuckled. sleep a little longer. I’ll try to leave before you wake up.”””

Li Yinian’s chest tightened.

“””Actually, Yueyue, I’m not that sleepy.”” She inched closer to him and let her lips brush against his chest. do you still have the strength? “””

How could Qiao yanze not hear such an obvious hint?

“””You can try,”” he said in a hoarse voice.”

Li Yinian chuckled and raised her head to kiss him on the chin.

“Qiao yanze finally could not hold it in any longer. He held her chin and kissed her hard. Li Yinian wrapped her arms around his neck and smiled back at him. The entanglement of lips and tongue, the collision of teeth and teeth, made the electric current that was originally quiet and dormant flow rapidly, as if even the air was sputtering sparks.”

“The man’s body was hot and hard, pressing her tightly. He could not help but look for a chance to break in. Li Yinian pushed him away all of a sudden.”

“””Wait,”” Her breathing was chaotic, and her red eyes revealed an indescribable charm.”

“Qiao yanze moved a few inches forward, his hoarse voice tinged with displeasure. “”What’s wrong?”””

“The woman glared at him and tried to turn over, but she couldn’t move under him.”

“She was a little anxious, and her eyes revealed a bit of annoyance.”

Qiao yanze laughed and finally turned over to lie down.

“Satisfied, li Yinian sat on top of him with a smile on her face. She leaned over and cupped his face in her hands, letting her long hair fall like water.”

“Qiao yanze’s eyes were burning as he stared at her greedily, his throat moving several times.”

“It had been too long since he had seen this woman take the initiative, not to mention such a soft and charming smile. There was also a bit of pride and slyness in her eyes, which made his heart soften like never before.”

“He didn’t need to kiss or tease her. As long as she showed such a smile, his desire would be enough to start a fire.”

“Moreover, this posture also brought him a rich visual enjoyment.”


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