Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 1331

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Chapter 1331: Retribution

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“Madam Qiao’s favorite child might be Qiao yanze, but the person she trusted the most was undoubtedly Qiao Yanchen. Besides, Qiao yanxun had always been steady and reliable all these years. Although he had been acting a little strange recently due to his recent failure, it did not affect Mrs. Qiao’s trust in Him. ”

“Moreover, when she thought of how her son, whom she had secretly supported, had treated her so badly, Qiao Yanchen was still as considerate as ever, Mrs. Qiao could not help but feel a little guilty. Hence, she sighed and could not help but reveal everything to Qiao yanxun. She only concealed and modified some details. ”

“””Yueyue, your brother is blaming me for this. I don’t know what to do.”” Madam Qiao smiled bitterly. I really didn’t mean it. ”


“Qiao yanxun’s breathing was a little rushed, and there was a bit of fanaticism in his eyes. ”

“He tried his best to hold it in and coughed, “” “”Yanze is too outrageous! You’re actually angry at your own mother for a woman?”” ”

“””Isn’t that so!”” Mrs. Qiao echoed angrily. ”

“””Mom,”” she said. Qiao yanxun suddenly laughed as he thought of something. you didn’t handle this well. The more confident you look, the more the balance in yanze’s heart is leaning towards li Yinian. In his heart, you’re the bad guy now, and his beloved woman is the victim. Isn’t that why he’s taking his anger out on you? So, you have to lower your posture first.”” ”

“””I’ve already lowered my stance, Yingluo.”” ”

“””No, this is not enough.”” Qiao Yanzhi’s eyes were burning. you have to ask li Yinian out alone. It’s best if you apologize to her in tears. If li Yinian doesn’t let you off, she’ll be the bad guy and not you. Yanze will naturally side with you.”” ”

“Madam Qiao’s expression was conflicted,’will this really work? And he wanted me to apologize to that girl, Yingluo.”” ”

“””It’s just an act. It’s not difficult for you.”” Qiao yanxun laughed. yanze is Fengqiao’s heir after all. You don’t want to make your relationship with him so stiff, do you? “” ”

“This sentence poked at the hidden worry in Madam Qiao’s heart. Now, the only thing that could bring her satisfaction and a sense of superiority was the flattery of those noble ladies. If they found out that their son, the heir, was not close to her, they would definitely laugh at her in secret. ”

“Thinking of this, Madam Qiao made up her mind.””Let’s do this.”” ”


“Three days later, in a kindergarten in Sun City. ”

“This used to be a welfare home, but it was closed more than ten years ago. Later, it was renovated into a kindergarten. ”

“Accompanied by the children’s cheerful and crisp laughter, the director carefully said to the beauty who had suddenly appeared beside him, “” “”Miss Li, of course I welcome you to sponsor our garden, but I really can’t find the information you want.”” ”

“””It’s alright, I’m just here to try my luck.”” Li Yinian smiled. ”

“These days, she had spent her spare time investigating her own background. ”

“She had found the whereabouts of the cousin who had robbed Wen Yan of all her assets, only to find out that the man had lost all his assets a few years ago and died of a brain hemorrhage. Wen Yan’s relationship status before she got pregnant was still unknown. She still didn’t know where her father was. In addition, she had also found out the cause of Wen Yan’s death. Unfortunately, the doctor Who had delivered Wen Yan’s baby had long passed away. She didn’t know if it was karma. ”

“In the end, she could only find out the name of the welfare house they had adopted her in the past from li Changdong. Then, she found this place, but she still didn’t find much. ”


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