Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 1334

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Chapter 1334: I am willing.

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“””You’re here?”” Madam Qiao squeezed out a smile. please sit down. ”

“Li Yinian glanced at her and sat down opposite her. “”What happened to yanze?”” ”

“Madam Qiao’s smile was a little strange,””it seems that you still care about his Hanhan. You have never told him about what happened back then. I knew that you still have his Hanhan in your heart.”” ”


“””Are you going to tell me or not?”” Li Yinian interrupted her rudely. ”

Madam Qiao was stunned.

“yanze said that he won’t get married and have children with anyone else other than you. She laughed bitterly. besides, he’s working like he doesn’t care about his life anymore, Yingluo. I’m worried that if this goes on, his body will have problems, Yingluo. ”

“Li Yinian’s hands were placed on the table and she curled up subconsciously when she heard that. However, there was no change in her expression.””Oh, really? What does it have to do with me? Even if I can help him, do you want me to get back together with him?”” ”

Madam Qiao was immediately speechless.

She also realized the problem. The reason why yanze was angry at her was mainly because she had destroyed his hope of being with li Yinian. Was she going to persuade this girl to be with yanze if she could change her son’s mind?

“To be honest, ever since Qiao Feng had been idle at home, she had realized more and more how stupid she had been back then and how unworthy she had been. Therefore, when she saw li Yinian now, even though she knew that she was Wen Yan’s daughter, she did not feel much disgust or disgust. In fact, she even felt a little guilty. ”

“Although she had decided to come and put on an act of apology, it was not completely fake. It was fine if li Yinian refused to forgive her, but what if Qianqian was willing to forgive her? She would still feel a little better. ”

“However, she still felt very uncomfortable about accepting this girl as her daughter-in-law. ”

“Besides, this girl can’t give birth to Yingluo. ”

“Madam Qiao’s mind whirred, and she revealed a bitter smile. Her voice was even a little choked.””If you’re willing to let go of the past, of course I’d be happy to. However, I also know that it’s really difficult for you to accept me as your mother-in-law. But please believe me, I really regret it. I shouldn’t have vented my anger on your mother, and I shouldn’t have used that lie to force you to do the operation. Yingluo, I was also possessed. I’m willing to compensate you. Any condition, as long as it’s within my means, I won’t refuse!”” ”

“””Really?”” li Yinian laughed strangely. If I say that I’m willing to let go of our past grudges and accept a mother-in-law like you, would you really be happy?”” ”

Madam Qiao’s expression immediately froze.

“””It seems like your apology is not sincere.”” Li Yinian’s tone was cold. you’re just acting like you’re apologizing so that yanze won’t treat you coldly anymore, right? Unfortunately, I don’t want to put on an act with you.”” ”

“Li Yinian stood up and turned to leave. Before she came in, she had a glimmer of hope. If Madam Qiao was sincere in her apology, it would at least be a comfort to Wen Yan. However, the result disappointed her. ”

“However, just as she turned around and took a step, she heard Madam Qiao’s urgent voice behind her. “”I’m willing! If the two of you really want to be together, I won’t object.”” ”

“Startled, li Yinian turned around to look at her. ”

“Mrs. Qiao panted, her face flushed red, as if she was embarrassed and regretful. It was as if even she herself could not believe what she had just said. ”


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