Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 1335

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Chapter 1335: The muzzle was pointed at li Yinian’s waist

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“Facing li Yinian’s surprised and hesitant gaze, she gritted her teeth and said, “” “”I’m serious! I know how stubborn yanze is, but I don’t want to bet on the possibility of him changing his mind. Yingluo, your problem of not being able to have children isn’t something that can’t be solved, at most you can find a surrogate, Yingluo, at least you can have your own children.”””

“After saying this, Mrs. Qiao suddenly felt relieved. She had already lived to this age, what else was there to be unhappy about? It wasn’t that difficult to admit that he was wrong. She didn’t want to suppress herself anymore.”

“Li Yinian looked at her for a while and suddenly sneered.””But I’m sorry, I can’t forgive you, and I can’t accept a woman who killed my mother as my mother-in-law.”””


Madam Qiao looked a little embarrassed.

“””You’re living with yanze, I won’t disturb you. if you don’t want to see me or change your mind, it’s up to you. I won’t force Yingluo, “” she said with a bitter smile. as long as you can make yanze happy, I won’t force you to treat me as a mother-in-law.”

Li Yinian was really surprised this time.

“Perhaps it was because of the tension between the two of them a few years ago, li Yinian’s impression of Mrs. Qiao had always been that she was a strong and unreasonable person. When Qiao yanze had laid his cards on the table with her, she had been equally firm and did not seem to think that she had done anything wrong.”

“Hence, li Yinian had never expected that she would be so submissive. Besides, li Yinian could tell that she was not acting.”

“Li Yinian pursed her lips, feeling helpless and at a loss. She would rather Mrs. Qiao not admit her mistake. At least, she would not be swayed by her words.”

“although I don’t want to admit it, you might be more important to yanze than me, his mother. Mrs. Qiao’s tone was a little bitter. it’s been so many years, but he still can’t let go. I can only acknowledge ran ran. It doesn’t matter if you don’t forgive me or accept me, as long as you’re willing to accept yanze. The last time I saw him, he was so skinny that he almost lost his shape, Yingluo.”””

The last sentence made li Yinian’s heart skip a beat. She was so upset that she wanted to leave this place.

“””Please don’t say anymore!”” She frowned and interrupted Mrs. Qiao. I still have work to do later. Goodbye.”

“With that, she turned around and strode out the door.”

“Madam Qiao opened her mouth, but in the end, she could only smile bitterly and sit back down. He had finally put down his pride to apologize and ask her to stay, but this girl didn’t buy it. But if yanze knew, at least he would change his opinion of her, right?”

“At this moment, she saw li Yinian, who had already reached the door, turn around to face her again. She walked towards her step by step, but her face was a little pale. She was shocked, but before she could say anything, she saw another familiar figure behind li Yinian.”

“””Yan Li?”” She could not help but blurt out, “” why are you here? “””

“””Mom, sit there. Don’t be afraid.”” Qiao Yanzhi’s lips curled into a strange smile. lean against the wall! he chided li Yinian.”

“Li Yinian seemed to have been pushed by something as she staggered forward. She bit her lip and held onto the wall with both hands, but her face was cold and serious.”

“Mrs. Qiao’s eyes widened as she had a bad feeling. The next second, she saw the black pistol in Qiao Yanchen’s hand, and the muzzle was pointed at li Yinian’s waist.”


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