Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 1337

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Chapter 1337: You forced me to do this.

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Li Yinian’s heart sank.

“She suddenly realized that Qiao yanxun’s main purpose might not be to get that position, because he knew that the chances were slim. Even if Qiao yanze had a way, he would not give up his position just like that. At the same time, Qiao yanxun also knew that this matter could not be delayed. Once the news was leaked, the Board of Directors would not give him any chance. ”

“Therefore, he was doing this for revenge! ”


Li Yinian glanced at Mrs. Qiao subconsciously when she thought of this.

“Madam Qiao actually tacitly accepted it. She squeezed out a smile.””yan xun, i promise to bring your wife and yingluo back for you! Rongrong has always been filial to me. If I talk to her properly, I’ll definitely be able to persuade her to change her mind! also, yingluo, i promise to get your father to leave as many shares as possible to you! Even if you’re not that President, you’re rich and powerful. Why do you have to take things so hard?”” ”

“””mom, you don’t understand.”” He laughed bitterly. you don’t understand how much effort I’ve put into the company all these years. In the end, I’m just making a wedding dress for someone else! ”

Madam Qiao was immediately speechless.

She was about to say something when there was a commotion at the door.

“Li Yinian turned to look at the source of the voice. Very quickly, a tall and slender figure strode in. His face was as dark as water. When his eyes met hers, he looked at her deeply for a moment before quickly turning away. Soon, his gaze fell on the gun in Qiao yanxun’s hand, and his pupils shrank to the extreme. ”

“””He came really quickly.”” Qiao yanxun’s lips curled. ”

“””Yanze!”” Madam Qiao couldn’t help but call out, her tone surprised and worried. ”

“””Mom, you can go out first.”” As Qiao yanze spoke, his gaze landed on Qiao yanxun’s face again. you don’t have any objections to this, do you? “” ”

“Qiao yanxun pursed his lips indifferently. However, after a moment of hesitation, Madam Qiao immediately made up her mind.””I’m not leaving! Yan Xun, yanze, you guys are brothers! What can’t be solved, why must we come to this?”” ”

“By the end, her voice was already a little choked. She had always known that her children were not on good terms, but she never thought that they would actually go to the point of war! Therefore, she could not leave. If she stayed here, perhaps Qiao yanxun would restrain himself! ”

“I didn’t want things to come to this either. You forced me to do this. You forced me to do this! As he spoke, the gun in his hand kept jabbing at li Yinian’s waist, and his index finger even accidentally touched the trigger. ”

“””Stop!”” Qiao yanze’s eyebrows twitched violently. brother, I know what you want! I’ve been collecting Feng Qiao’s shares in secret for the past few years. I can’t guarantee anything else, but I can transfer the shares in my hands to you immediately!”” ”

“Qiao yanxun was stunned for a moment before he sneered. “”I didn’t expect you to have so many tricks up your sleeve.”” ”

“””I’ve already transferred it to you on the way here.”” Qiao yanze’s tone was sincere. your bodyguard took my phone, otherwise I could show it to you. ”

“””You’re so self-aware.”” Qiao yanxun chuckled. it seems like this woman is really important to you, isn’t she? Hehe, Yingluo.”” ”

“Other than exchanging a glance with Qiao yanze at the beginning, li Yinian had been looking down and did not look at him again. It was the same at this moment. Even if the muzzle of the gun poked her waist until it was hot and painful, she did not make a sound, but her face became paler. ”


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