Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 1338

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Chapter 1338: You are indeed very powerful

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“In fact, she was not afraid of death, but she could not die in front of Qiao yanze. If she did, it would be too cruel to him. ”

“””Big brother!”” However, Qiao yanze could not bear to see this, his voice even hoarser. if you don’t believe me, you can ask your assistant to check your account immediately. This is not a small portion of the shares. With these shares, you’re a major shareholder of Fengqiao. ”

“””Where did you get so much money?”” Qiao yanxun’s tone was a little strange. although I gave you some shares a few years ago so that you could join the Board of Directors, the dividends from those shares were not much. Other than that, you only received a little salary during the few years you were in Hua Yao. ”


“Qiao yanze paused for a moment before he finally revealed everything. “”Investment. When I was a teenager, I made my first pot of gold by playing with stocks. Later, I became a venture capital investor and was lucky enough to earn some money. However, I invested all the money I earned into other projects, so I don’t have much cash on hand now. If you need it, I can transfer all of it to you.”” ”

“Qiao yanxun raised his eyebrows, his expression becoming more and more strange.””How many more?”” ”

“Qiao yanze exhaled slowly. “”A few hundred million.”” ”

“””Hehe, a few hundred million is just a small part of it.”” The smile on Qiao yanxun’s face grew wider. it seems that dad didn’t misjudge you. You’re really amazing. Today was also the first time I found out that you’ve done so much in private. Mom, look at your youngest son, he’s really amazing! Don’t you feel proud?”” ”

“Madam Qiao forced a smile,””you’re also my pride!”” Yan Xun, when I went out to play cards with those rich ladies, they were all very envious of me for having a son like you, saying that you were capable and considerate. The person your father trusts the most is actually you!”” ”

“””Since that’s the case, it’s enough for you to have me! Why did she still give birth to them? I’m the eldest son! I should have inherited Fengqiao!”” Qiao yanxun roared, his red eyes landing on Qiao yanze. I really hate you all, especially you! ”

“Mrs. Qiao couldn’t help but shed tears.””Yan Xun, you’re right. We’ve let you down. Your father’s method was wrong from the start, wrong, Yingluo!”” ”

“Qiao yanze pursed his lips tightly, his breathing heavy as he clenched his fists. “”Big brother, it’s okay if you hate me, but Yinian is innocent. Please don’t hurt her. If you have any requests, I will definitely fulfill them for you.”” ”

“””Then you do it!”” Qiao yanxun’s tone became even more frenzied. tell Rongrong to come back! Let dad’s Board of Directors change their minds, let dad change his mind!”” ”

“Qiao yanze pursed his lips and did not say a word, his eyes fixed on the gun. ”

“””You can’t do it, can you?”” Qiao Yanzhi laughed coldly. ”

“From the moment he graduated and entered Fengqiao, everyone had treated him as the heir. In the blink of an eye, more than ten years had passed, but now everything was for nothing. A person who was used to being superior simply couldn’t stand this kind of fall. The departure of his wife and children was a fatal blow to him. ”

“Qiao yanze’s Adam’s apple bobbed as he said, “” if you must take revenge, isn’t it more direct to take revenge on me? “” ”

hehehe. Qiao yanxun laughed coldly again. He seemed to want to say something but was interrupted by a cold female voice.

“””You want sister Rongrong to return to your side?”” ”

“Qiao Yanzhi looked at li Yinian in surprise. “”You know Rongrong?”” ”

“””Of course.”” Li Yinian chuckled. can I turn around? “” ”


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