Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 1343

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Chapter 1343: &Quot; do you think I’ll be touched? I won’t. &Quot;

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Qiao yanze woke up the next morning.

“It was so quiet in the ward that he almost thought he was alone. But when he tried to move his arm, he suddenly found that his arm was pressed down by someone. ”

He was slightly stunned. He turned his head and saw li Yinian sleeping by the bed.


“The woman was in a deep sleep, as if she was abnormally tired. Her thick eyelashes cast a light shadow under her eyes. ”

“His heart suddenly softened. He raised his right hand and tried to turn over, but this action touched his wound and he groaned in pain. ”

Li Yinian was jolted awake from her sleep.

“””Yanze!”” When she saw the man who had woken up, a layer of mist quickly covered her eyes, and her voice was extremely hoarse. ”

“Qiao yanze’s lips curled up as he raised his left arm with difficulty, holding her hand. “”Yes, I’m alive.”” ”

Tears fell from the corners of the woman’s eyes. She suddenly bent down and hugged him tightly.

“””You scared me to death!”” Her voice was trembling. Qiao yanze, do you think you’re a superhero? What right do you have to take a bullet for me? I was far away at that time, and I don’t know if the bullet could hit me, but you were so close. What if ran ran hit your heart? You think I’ll be touched? I won’t!”” ”

“The man’s hand fell on her back and he grunted in a hoarse voice. However, he could not help but smile. ”

“””I’m serious!”” Li Yinian sobbed. I really, really, really hate this self-righteous look of mine! I think you’re so stupid and ridiculous!”” ”

“””Yes.”” Qiao yanze echoed, but the smile on his face grew bigger. ”

“Li Yinian bit her lip hard and suddenly let go of him. She walked out without looking back.””I’ll go get the doctor, Yingluo.”” ”

“Qiao yanze looked at her back in shock, and after a while, he suddenly laughed. ”

“Soon, the doctor came in and examined him. Since he was already awake, it meant that he was completely out of danger. He would be fine as long as he had a good rest. The doctor left after a few words, but it was not li Yinian who came in. It was Qiao fengnian and Mrs. Qiao. ”

“The moment he saw them, Qiao yanze could not help but be stunned. ”

“””Dad, mom?”” He almost couldn’t believe his eyes. how are you guys going to … ”

“His parents seemed to have aged a lot overnight. Although they were old people in their sixties, they looked no different from middle-aged people in their forties because they took good care of themselves. ”

“But now, they looked no different from ordinary sixty-year-old people. ”

Madam Qiao’s eyes instantly reddened. Qiao fengnian also sighed and struggled to sit down by the bed.

“yanze, your brother … Qiao fengnian paused. he shot himself … ”

Madam Qiao could not help but cry again.

Qiao yanze’s expression turned extremely serious.

“Even though he hated Qiao Yanchen’s actions, he had never thought that Qiao Yanchen would die. ”

“””Your second brother and third sister are preparing for your big brother’s funeral. I plan to officially distribute my shares to you at your big brother’s funeral. Even if the Qiao family loses control of Fengqiao in the future, it doesn’t matter. Your brother’s share will be given to Yingluo. Before he comes of age, I’ll take care of him.”” Qiao fengnian’s eyes were glistening with tears. do you have a problem with that? “” ”

“Qiao yanze shook his head, his voice hoarse. of course not. In fact, you should have done this long ago.”” ”


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