Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 1345

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Chapter 1345: Don’t indulge a certain someone too much

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“Before ye Shengge could say anything, the door of the ward was pushed open and Li Yinian walked in. ”

“””I’ll let Yinian tell you.”” Ye Shengge smiled and grabbed the man’s sleeve. shiting, we should go back. ”

“””Yes.”” Ji shiting took her into his arms and looked at Qiao yanze. rest well. I’ll try my best to keep an eye on Fengqiao for you. ”


“Qiao yanze accepted her good intentions with a straight face. “”Thanks.”” ”

“The Qiao family was in a period of turmoil. If someone took advantage of the company to cause trouble, he might not be able to resolve it in time. ”

“””Two months at most.”” Ji shiting raised his eyebrows and said in a meaningful tone, “” I asked the doctor, and he said that the bullet was removed smoothly. Your injury isn’t particularly serious and you’ll be fine after two months of rest. Don’t go too far.”” ”

“Qiao yanze glanced at li Yinian, who had just walked in, and his lips curled up, but he did not say anything. ”

“Li Yinian placed the thermos on the bedside table and looked up at them with a smile. “”Shengge, teacher Ji, I won’t be seeing you off.”” ”

“””Take good care of yourself.”” Ye Shengge glanced at Qiao yanze and snorted. don’t indulge a certain someone too much. ”

“””Don’t worry,”” Li Yinian blinked. ”

“Ye Shengge had wanted to say a few more words, but under Qiao yanze’s murderous gaze, she had to say goodbye to li Yinian. ”

“actually, even if you didn’t say it, Qiao yanze wouldn’t dare to be in bed for two months. After leaving the ward, ye Shengge suddenly laughed. ”

“Ji shiting thought for a moment and smiled, “” “”Is it because li Yinian is not feeling well?”” ”

“”bingo!”Her eyes curved into crescents. can you guess why she’s feeling unwell? “” ”

“””It seems like Ah Chen and Qing ‘er will have company soon.”” Ji shiting couldn’t help but smile. Thinking of Qiao yanze’s injury, it was a blessing in disguise. he’s so lucky. ”


Qiao yanze was staying in a high-class Ward with all the facilities and the decorations were beautiful and warm.

“However, Qiao yanze was not in the mood to appreciate this. His gaze was focused on li Yinian’s pale face. ”

“She didn’t look up at him. She just opened the lid of the thermal container and stirred the hot porridge inside slowly with a spoon. It was very quiet in the ward. For a moment, only the sound of the breeze could be heard. ”

“After a long while, li Yinian brought a spoonful to his lips and her gaze finally fell on his face. However, her dark eyes still did not reveal any emotion. ”

Qiao yanze did not move.

“Li Yinian probably thought that he was disgusted by the light food and explained, “” the doctor said that you can only eat liquid food now. This is the porridge I made with chicken soup. It shouldn’t taste too bad. ”

“””Did you personally brew it?”” He raised his eyebrows. ”

“Li Yinian glanced at him, trying to suppress her emotions. ”

“The man laughed and caught it with his mouth. He was probably really hungry, so he didn’t say anything else until he finished the bowl of porridge. ”

“””Not enough.”” He licked the corner of his lips. ”

“””No, the doctor said you can’t eat too much at once.”” Li Yinian refused. ”

“””Then let me kiss you.”” Qiao yanze chuckled, looking like he was asking for a beating. ”

“Li Yinian glared at him, but he did not take it to heart. Instead, he smiled even more happily. ”

“After all, he was injured. Although he had just eaten some porridge and recovered some strength, his face was still pale. Anyone could see that he was weak, but even so, this man still had an insufferably arrogant look. No one knew where he got his confidence from. ”


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