Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 1346

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Chapter 1346: I regret it.

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“””Get this straight.”” Li Yinian could not help but mock him. I agreed to stay here and take care of you because you’re my Savior. I’m just trying to repay your kindness.”” ”

“Qiao yanze’s expression did not change, but the smile in his eyes disappeared slightly. ”

“””You promised me Yingluo.”” ”


“””I’m going back on my word.”” Li Yinian cut him off rudely, her face still cold. I thought you were dying at that time and I would agree to anything you said. ”

“Qiao yanze pursed his lips tightly, anger in his eyes. However, with his pale face, this anger did not have much of a deterrent. ”

“””So, President Qiao, please conduct yourself with dignity.”” Li Yinian raised her chin slightly and her tone became even colder. also, let me remind you. The reason why I was in danger and needed you to save me was also because of you. From this perspective, I don’t owe you anything.”” ”

“Qiao yanze gritted his teeth tightly, his breathing gradually becoming heavy, his eyes staring at her without blinking. ”

“He did not believe that this woman could be so cruel. Besides, when he first woke up, she was fierce, but at least she was not as distant as she was now. ”

“Li Yinian was unmoved by the man’s dark gaze and continued, “” “”Qin Cheng will be here to report to you about the company. Do you still have enough energy?”” ”

“Qiao yanze said hatefully,’I can take it. With a heartless woman like you, I’ve already held on until now, what else can I not hold on for!”” ”

“””Very well, I’m relieved then.”” Li Yinian smiled when she heard that. ”

“Just as she finished speaking, someone knocked on the door. Qin Cheng coughed awkwardly. “”President, Miss Li.”” ”

“””Come in,”” Li Yinian immediately gave up her seat with a smile and left the ward. ”

“Qiao yanze stared at her back, his heart filled with hatred. However, the woman’s back was soon blocked by Qin Cheng, and he immediately glared at the assistant fiercely. ”

“””President, what’s wrong?”” Qin Cheng was so scared that he didn’t dare to move forward. Did I do something wrong?”” ”

“He felt that his performance these past two days had been quite good! He had tried his best to placate the high-level directors who were inquiring about the news from all directions, and it was also thanks to his dispatch that the Secretary group could operate smoothly. Could it be that he had come too late? However, he had to figure out the company’s situation before he dared to come and report. ”

“””It’s nothing,”” Qiao yanze looked away unhappily, one hand gently touching the wound, thinking hatefully that this woman could not be so ruthless. ”

“Only then did Qin Cheng sit down in fear and trepidation, taking out a folder. ”

“Qiao yanze also calmed down and took the folder from his assistant. Feng Qiao currently had several projects that he was in charge of, so he couldn’t let go of them. ”

“””Did you bring my personal computer?”” He asked. ”

“””Of course.”” Qin Cheng immediately rummaged through his briefcase. ”


“Outside the ward, li Yinian had not gone far. ”

“Looking at the side profile of the man who was immersed in his work, she suddenly laughed and her hands could not help but rest on her stomach. ”

“””Baby, did you see that? He’s your father.”” She mumbled, “” he looks like a frivolous person, but he’s more stubborn than anyone else. ”

“She turned around and sat down on the bench. Not long after, Mrs. Qiao, accompanied by a servant, walked over from the other end of the corridor. ”


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