Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 1347

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“Chapter 1347: If you want to punish someone, just punish me. ”

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“Probably because her eldest son had just passed away, she was dressed in black and had no makeup on her face, which made her look even older and more Haggard. ”

“When Mrs. Qiao walked up to her, li Yinian hesitated for a moment before she stood up. please wait a while before going in. Yanze is busy with work. ”

“Mrs. Qiao glanced at the ward from the window and nodded. Then, she turned to look at li Yinian.””It’s fine. I’m mainly here to see you today.”” ”


“After sending Qiao yanze to the hospital yesterday, they had not spoken much. When li Yinian heard Mrs. Qiao’s soft tone, she could already guess what was going on. ”

“””Please take a seat,”” she nodded. ”

Only then did Mrs. Qiao take a seat on the bench. The servants stepped aside to give them some space to talk alone.

“””I just went to see Yan Xun’s wife.”” The moment she opened her mouth, her voice was choked with sobs. she’s the one who regrets it the most after something like this happened to Yan Xun. When she said that she was determined to divorce Yan Xun, she did not really want to leave him. She just wanted to use this as an excuse to provoke him and make him cheer up. Who knew, Yingluo?”” ”

Li Yinian’s hands that were on her knees tightened.

“””It’s too late to say anything now.”” Mrs. Qiao let out a deep breath. I used to think that I was very smart and that I didn’t want to offend any of the children. No matter who took over, they wouldn’t treat me badly. It was only until something happened to Yan Xun that I realized that I’ve been doing stupid things all this time. It was my selfishness that harmed Xuanji, Yan Xun, and you and yanze.”” ”

“Li Yinian’s breath caught in her throat. After a long while, she said in a low voice, “” “”Why are you saying this?”” ”

Madam Qiao laughed bitterly.

“She knew it clearly in her heart. Even though yanze’s serious injury might have shaken li Yinian, she was the reason why li Yinian refused to accept yanze. Therefore, she had to take this step and give him another push. ”

“I don’t know what you’re thinking right now, Zhenzhen. she took a deep breath. but no matter what, I have to apologize to you sincerely. I’m sorry, Yingluo. I know I can’t make up for it no matter what I say. But Yingluo, I killed your child, and now I’ve lost a son. Yingluo, I don’t know if it’s God’s punishment. It’s just that the heavens aren’t fair. If they want to punish someone, they can just punish me. “” ”

“As she spoke, she covered her eyes with her hands again, looking more fragile and sorrowful. ”

“I won’t see Qiao yanxun’s death as revenge or punishment, “” li Yinian said hoarsely. ”

“””I know, you’re a good kid.”” Madam Qiao forced a smile. ”

“””I accept your apology. But I won’t forgive you for that.”” Li Yinian paused for a moment before she added. ”

“””Then can you accept yanze?”” Madam Qiao was a little anxious. ”

Li Yinian bit her lower lip and remained silent.

“Madam Qiao was a little anxious. you know it. Yanze may look frivolous, but he’s actually a sentimental person. I really can’t bear to see him continue to suffer, and I can’t bear to see you torture yourself like this. Besides, you have feelings for him, don’t you? Why do you have to suffer so much for an old woman like me? you might be angry at me for saying this, but I believe that even if your mother is in heaven, she wouldn’t want you to give up yanze for these reasons. I beg you, please think about it again, okay? I really don’t want you to regret it. “” ”


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