Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 1348

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Chapter 1348: You are very childish.

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“Li Yinian was silent for a while before she suddenly looked at her. if I ask you to take the initiative to cut ties with yanze and never call you mom again, would you be able to accept it? “””

Madam Qiao was tongue-tied.

“Her already aged face looked even more defeated. After a long while, she nodded gently. “”If that’s the only way you’ll accept yanze, then I’ll accept it. Yanze isn’t my only child anyway. He can choose not to treat me as his mother, but I’ll still treat him as my son.”””


“””You just said that he’s a sentimental person.”” “”That’s why he won’t agree to it.”” Li Yinian laughed suddenly. No matter how much he loves me, he can’t do this. If he really did that, I wouldn’t have dared to take him.”””

Madam Qiao seemed to be confused.

“””I’m afraid I still find it hard to forgive you.”” Li Yinian said softly, “” but don’t worry, you’re no longer the reason for me to reject yanze.”

“Madam Qiao’s eyes widened,””you mean Yingluo?”””

“At this moment, Qin Cheng walked out with an expression as if he had just escaped.”

“””Madam, Miss Li,”” He quickly said, “” I still have work to do. I’ll take my leave first.”

“””Hurry up and go.”” Li Yinian smiled faintly. After Qin Cheng left, she turned to look at Madam Qiao. you may go in now.”

“Madam Qiao hesitated for a moment, then suddenly laughed and shook her head.””Forget it. I said I came to find you today. I’ll come and see him in two days.”””

Li Yinian did not stop him.

“After Mrs. Qiao left, she pushed open the door and walked in again. She ignored the man’s fiery gaze, took a glass of water, and walked to the bed.”

“Qiao yanze glanced at her, but he still could not see any emotion on the woman’s face.”

“””Yinian, are you angry with me?”” he asked. He softened his tone, and there was even a hint of a smile in his eyes. angry at my recklessness? “””

“Thinking of the criticism she had given him when he first woke up, Qiao yanze could not help but have this guess.”

“It was right to be angry. The more she cared about him, the angrier she would be.”

“Li Yinian passed him the cup and said in a serious tone, “” “”No, I haven’t. Isn’t it your duty to save me?”””

“Qiao yanze gritted his teeth secretly. Looking at the woman’s cold face, he was even angrier. He took the glass of water and drank it all in one gulp, then placed the glass on the bedside table heavily. This action was a little too big and might have affected his wound, so he could not help but take a deep breath.”

“Li Yinian’s expression changed slightly. She grabbed his wrist and glared at him.””Don’t move!”””

“””Oh, you still know how to feel bad for me?”” He turned and held her hand tightly, his tone angry and aggrieved.”

Li Yinian suddenly felt like laughing.

“Qiao yanze, has anyone ever said that you’re childish? “””

“The man tightened his grip on her hand, and his voice lowered.””Only you. Others can’t see this side of me. “””

“””Oh, really? I’m really honored.”” She raised her eyebrows. There was no trace of honor in his tone.”

Qiao yanze gritted his teeth in anger.

“””Li Yinian, what are you thinking?”” He said viciously, “” how many times have you trampled on my heart? You’re actually playing with me? Do you even have a conscience?”””

“””Don’t say vulgarities!”” Li Yinian glared at him.”

“Qiao yanze was still in a fit of anger, and his tone became even worse when he heard this. “”I’ll f * ck!”””

“Before he could finish his sentence, the woman’s soft hand suddenly covered his mouth.”

Li Yinian’s face was stern. don’t say vulgarities. It’s not good for the child.


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