Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 1352

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Chapter 1352: I will give you a status.

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Li Yinian chuckled when she saw how anxious and annoyed a certain someone was. She put down her chopsticks and sat down by the bed.

“Qiao yanze grabbed her hand, his tone almost pleading. “”How about I get Gu Yimo to accompany you?”” ”

“””I don’t want to.”” She dug into his palm and her tone was filled with dissatisfaction. what’s wrong with you? It’s rare that I’m willing to accompany you, yet you’re still making so many excuses?”” ”


Qiao yanze was so depressed that he wanted to vomit blood.

“If she wasn’t pregnant and was willing to accompany him, he would definitely be more than happy to have her. ”

“””Yinian, don’t be so stubborn, okay?”” He held her hand tightly and said in a hoarse voice, “” I really don’t dare to let you take any risk. ”

“Li Yinian snorted and rested her head on his shoulder. “”But I just want to be with you.”” ”

“Qiao yanze held her in his arms and let out a deep breath. In his lifetime, he was actually able to wait for this woman to say such words. In the past, he would have been ecstatic, but now he was stunned. ”

This was probably the so-called sweet torture.

“””Otherwise, I’ll be discharged today.”” He ruffled her hair. it’s just an external injury anyway. I’ll be fine as long as the doctor comes to my house regularly. ”

“””No, you’re in a critical period of recovery! You can’t move!”” Li Yinian objected. we have to wait for at least three to five days. ”

“””Then you’re the one who ran!”” ”

“””Aiya, I’m really fine. If I’m here, it’ll be convenient for me to do examinations at any time.”” if you don’t believe Hongyu, I can get another doctor to talk to you, “” li Yinian said coyly. ”

Hongyu Qianqian. Qiao yanze laughed coldly. you call her so affectionately!

“””Why are you so jealous? the child is not his anyway.”” Li Yinian tried to hold back her laughter. ”

“Qiao yanze was so angry that he was speechless. His face was cold as his warm palm fell on her lower abdomen. Thinking that their child was pregnant in her stomach, Qiao yanze suddenly felt his eyes heat up. ”

“His throat moved, but he finally gave in.””Alright, I’ll listen to you. But you’re not allowed to force yourself.”” ”

“””Don’t worry. To me, the child is definitely more important than you.”” She glared at him. ”

Qiao yanze’s expression was hard to describe.

“””But to me, you’re definitely more important than the child,”” he finally snorted. ”

“Startled, li Yinian changed her words reluctantly. “”Fine, you’re as important as the child.”” ”

Qiao yanze chuckled. He caressed her face and kissed it again and again.

“””Yinian, I’m very happy.”” ”

“because you finally have the chance to be a father? “” She smiled. ”

“””No.”” He raised his eyebrows. because with this child, you can’t run away. ”

“””Who said that? I can still run if I want to.”” Li Yinian blinked. besides, you’re still lying in bed. What can you do to me? “” ”

Qiao yanze’s expression froze.

“The next second, the woman smiled again. ”

“””Alright, I won’t run.”” She pursed her lips and smiled. I may not be able to teach my child well by myself, so don’t try to escape your responsibility as a father. ”

“The man let out a deep, deep breath. ”

“In this short half an hour, his mood was like a roller coaster. It was so exciting that it made him scared. ”

Did this woman think it was fun to tease him?

“””Don’t go back on your word two days later.”” He said through gritted teeth. ”

“””I won’t,”” She smiled and took the initiative to plant a kiss on the corner of his lips. I’ll give you a status. Be good.”” ”



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