Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 1353

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“Chapter 1353: If he bullies you, you know who to look for. ”

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“Three days later, Qiao yanze insisted on being discharged. ”

“His wound was still far from fully recovering, but he was no longer in danger. He didn’t have to be hospitalized, so the doctor agreed after a little hesitation. He just told him a bunch of things to take note of. ”

Li Yinian noted them down one by one.


She turned around and was about to return to the ward when she saw Qin Hongyu.

“The man was wearing a white coat and looked a little tired, but the moment he saw her, his eyes immediately lit up. ”

“””You just had an operation?”” Li Yinian walked up to him with a smile. ”

“””Yes.”” Qin Hongyu pushed up his glasses. you look great. I’ve never seen you so happy. ”

“When he saw her recording the doctor’s orders seriously and occasionally smiling from afar, he suddenly felt that nothing else was important. ”

“Startled, li Yinian could not help but cover her lower abdomen with her hands. “”It’s all thanks to it.”” ”

“I think it’s more because of Qiao yanze. Qin Hongyu laughed at himself. as expected, you’re the happiest when you’re with him. ”

“Li Yinian bit her lower lip. She wanted to retort, but she had nothing to say. ”

“””Yinian, I’m very happy.”” Qin Hongyu looked at her intently. really. ”

“””I know,”” Li Yinian smiled. you’re the best man I’ve ever met. ”

“Qin Hongyu was slightly stunned. better than Qiao yanze? “” ”

“””Better than him.”” Li Yinian nodded her head seriously. ”

“””But you still chose him.”” Qin Hongyu sighed with a hint of melancholy. ”

Li Yinian was suddenly a little stunned.

“however, if you choose me just because I treat you better, you’re disrespecting me. Qin Hongyu quickly pulled himself together and smiled. when do you plan to get married? “” ”

“””When he can get out of bed, he’ll probably take me to the Civil Affairs Bureau first.”” Li Yinian could not help but laugh. we’ll talk about the rest after the child is born. ”

“””If there’s a wedding, remember to send me an invitation.”” Qin Hongyu then added, “” I’ll definitely bring a companion with me. ”

“””No problem,”” he said. Li Yinian smiled. I know that you’re very popular in the hospital. Many female doctors and nurses think of you as their Prince Charming. ”

Qin Hongyu laughed. She even started to tease him. It seemed that she was in a good mood now.

The two of them were chatting when the door of the ward not far away was suddenly pushed open. Qin Cheng pushed his wheelchair out.

“That’s right, in order to avoid hurting himself while walking, the wise and powerful fourth young master Qiao could only sit in a wheelchair for the time being. ”

“Therefore, when he saw the two people laughing and talking not far away, his face suddenly became extremely ugly. It was so dark that it could drip water. Qin Cheng thought in fear, should he immediately push his boss away, or push him in front of those two people? after thinking for a long time, he couldn’t think of a result, so he could only stay where he was. ”

“Of course, the two people on the other side also saw Qiao yanze. ”

“Qin Hongyu retracted his gaze and smiled, “” “”I won’t be sending you off. Remember to take care of yourself. I’ve already sent you the things to take note of during your pregnancy. Try your best to follow them, but don’t give yourself too much pressure. Call me if you need anything.”” ”

Li Yinian nodded and suddenly took a step forward to hug him.

“Qin Hongyu was stunned for a moment, but he also gently put his arm around her shoulder and said with a smile, “” “”If he bullies you, you know who to look for.”” ”

“Her voice was neither loud nor soft, just enough for Qiao yanze to hear. ”


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