Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 1357

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Qiao yanze swore that if Gu Yimo really dared to give it to him, he would definitely send someone to beat this fellow until he was paralyzed.

“You’re welcome. Although you’re not related to uncle Li by blood, I’ve always thought of you as my little sister!” Gu Yimo completely ignored a certain someone’s cold gaze and continued, ” Speaking of which, uncle li seems to have encountered a crisis recently. This time, it’s not an ordinary capital chain rupture. It seems to involve illegal fundraising and might even go to jail.

Qiao yanze raised an eyebrow. I did it.

Seeing that li Yinian’s expression didn’t change, Gu Yimo immediately understood. uh, Yingluo, I understand. Fortunately, my parents didn’t participate in Yingluo at that time.

“Don’t worry, li Changdong will only be locked up for three to five years at most. When he’s released, if he knows his place, I won’t leave him alone.” Li Yinian smiled faintly. I’ll make arrangements for you too, mother.


Gu Yimo made a gesture of locking her mouth. “I understand, I won’t say anything.”

“You guys continue chatting, I’ll go prepare some fruit.” Li Yinian smiled and stood up to go to the kitchen.

Qiao yanze stared at her back and only looked away after the woman disappeared from the kitchen.

congratulations, ” Gu Yimo sighed. you’re finally back at the end of your suffering.

Qiao yanze’s lips curled up, as he picked up his cup and took a sip of tea.

Gu Yimo continued,”it’s just a pity that we don’t have children. I do know a few experts in this field, Wanwan.”

“Who said there are no children?” Qiao yanze interrupted him, his tone even more relaxed. the child is in Yinian’s stomach. It’s still early, so I can’t tell.

Gu Yimo could not come back to her senses for a long time.

After a long while, he finally cursed, ” “You’re too lucky!”

Qiao yanze smiled but did not say anything. He suddenly realized that public displays of affection were really addictive.


It was almost 12 o ‘clock when Shang Tianyi came from the company with Xu Chuchu. Ji shiting and ye Shengge were the last to arrive, but they were both busy. It was already a great honor for them to have time to come.

Shang Tianyi complained at the dinner table. Initially, li Yinian had promised that she would try her best to complete the rest of the trip, so he had only mentioned it. Who knew that Qiao yanze would be so against it? li Yinian had tried to argue with him and even used Shengge as an example. However, her situation was different from Shengge’s. She was worried that she would lose her child, so she gave in in in the end and gave Shang Tianyi a helpless look.

Shang Tianyi wanted to cry at the thought of the penalty. Although Qiao yanze had agreed to pay for all the penalty, it still could not make up for the company’s loss.

Ye Shengge gave Shang Tianyi a comforting look and said with a smile, ” “Yinian is very popular now. The events that she rejected could have brought in tens of millions of commissions to the company. It’s not enough to just pay the penalty, right?”

Qiao yanze glanced at her,”Hua Yao’s distribution system will be unconditionally open to Shi Sheng in the future.” Is this enough?”

Shang Tianyi was overjoyed! Shi Sheng’s studio was about to enter the film industry, but they were completely clueless about publishing. They didn’t even have any experience in building it. If they could share Hua Yao’s publishing system, what else would he have to worry about?

Ye Shengge was also very satisfied. She clinked her glass with his and said, ” “President Qiao, you’re such a good person! So, you will be rewarded!”

Qiao yanze snorted and looked at Ji shiting. “Your woman is becoming more and more like you!”

He didn’t forget to pluck a feather even when a goose flew by!

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