Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 1358

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Ji shiting nodded. I taught him. he was pleased.

Ye Shengge was proud.

Qiao yanze held the woman beside him and said earnestly, ” “Stay away from her in the future, don’t be led astray by her!”

Li Yinian blinked innocently. “Shengge said that after Shi Sheng goes public, she’ll give me at least one-twentieth of the original shares. In the future, I’ll also be a major shareholder of Shi Sheng, and I might even enter the management level.”

Qiao yanze was unmoved. Aren’t you going to sing?”


He didn’t want li Yinian to be an ambitious career woman like ye Shengge. In that case, the time they could spend together would be infinitely compressed, and he didn’t want her to work too hard. Although being a celebrity was also busy, the flexibility of time was much greater.

“We’ll talk about it after the child is born,” li Yinian replied after some thought.

Qiao yanze smiled and held her hand tightly. “Alright,” he said.

He had plenty of ways to turn her thoughts around during the entire pregnancy.

Seeing this, ye Shengge felt that her husband was the best. She smiled and rubbed against him, and Ji shiting hugged her tightly.

After lunch, Ji shiting and ye Shengge left. Gu Yimo was exhausted from the dog food and went back to his experiment. Shang Tianyi didn’t stay long either. Xu Chuchu, on the other hand, stayed a little longer and settled on a few interviews that wouldn’t be too tough with li Yinian.

The chef and the part-time helper also left after cleaning up, leaving only the two of them in the huge villa.

The afternoon was long. The two of them returned to their room and prepared to take an afternoon nap.

Qiao yanze finally heaved a sigh of relief when he was lying on the bed.

“Your wound hurts?” Li Yinian furrowed her brows slightly and reached out to unbutton his clothes.

Qiao yanze grabbed her hand and said lazily, ” “It won’t hurt anymore after you kiss me.”

are you childish? be careful, the children will laugh at you. Li Yinian glared at him.

Qiao yanze did not speak, only frowning at him. Li Yinian sighed helplessly and leaned forward to kiss him on the lips.

Qiao yanze accepted it with a satisfied smile. Unfortunately, li Yinian let go of him just as he was about to go deeper.

“Control yourself.” She was implying something.

Qiao yanze cursed in his heart.

Li Yinian couldn’t help but chuckle as she rubbed his stubbled chin. “Alright, I’ll make it up to you after you’ve recovered.”

Qiao yanze’s hand landed on her lower abdomen, feeling even more depressed. “It’s no use even if your injuries are healed. We still have to wait for this little brat to come out.”

It wasn’t easy to have this child, so how could he take the risk?

Li Yinian’s lips curled into a smile. Suddenly, she thought of a question.”Do you like boys or girls?”

“A girl.” Qiao yanze said without hesitation, ” I know you’ll definitely ignore me because of the child. If it’s a girl, I’ll love her with you. If it’s a boy, I’m afraid I won’t be able to help but beat him up.

This reason …

Li Yinian was speechless.

“But as long as it’s our child, I’ll love it no matter if it’s a boy or a girl.” Qiao yanze combed her long hair, his eyes gentle. it will be much luckier than us.

Li Yinian’s eyes softened and she agreed softly.

After a while, she hesitantly said, ” “Yanze,”

“What?” Qiao yanze responded lazily, the smile in his eyes deepening.

Li Yinian’s lips moved, but she swallowed the words that she had yet to say. “It’s nothing. I’ll change your medicine.”

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