Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 1369

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Qianfan villa.

Ye Shengge couldn’t relax on this rare day off, so she made use of the time to sort out the wedding list with sister Xiu.

Her wedding date with Ji shiting had been set a month ago, and she didn’t hide it on purpose, so the entire entertainment industry was waiting for her invitation. Some artistes she had a good relationship with had called her several times, and Shang Tianyi had also asked her for an invitation to show his gratitude.

Therefore, she had to settle the list today.

In reality, with her current status in the entertainment industry, there was no need for her to please anyone, so she could do whatever she wanted. Even if she only invited a few friends and family, no one would dare to say anything. But considering that she was also Shi Sheng’s boss, in order to make good relations for the company, the name list was bound to be a long one.


As the big boss of T.S. Corporation, Ji shiting had a wide network. Fortunately, Sun Ye was in charge of the guest list, so she didn’t have to worry about it.

After a few hours, ye Shengge finally decided on the wedding list and gave it to sister Xiu to make the invitation.

But she was still very conflicted because Yingluo was in need of a bridesmaid.

Yinian and Lin Qi were both pregnant, and ye Shengge couldn’t find anyone else.

Ye Shengge finally realized how little friends she had.

Of course, all the female artistes in the entertainment industry would be willing to be her bridesmaids with just a phone call from her. However, since it was her wedding, she hoped that the bridesmaids would only come to wish her well and not for some hidden benefits.

Ye Shengge scratched her head and searched through all the people of the same sex she knew, and a name suddenly jumped into her mind.

Her eyes suddenly lit up.


All the celebrities in the entertainment industry had been proud to receive Ji shiting and ye Shengge’s wedding invitation. The media reporters almost broke their heads over an invitation. Unfortunately, this wedding of the century was obviously not going to be made public. Even if the reporters had the invitation, they didn’t have the guts to take a video. At most, they could only get a few wedding photos as the front page headline.

When the netizens saw the celebrities showing off their invitations and gifts, they were all screaming excitedly and desperately searching for more information. How could T.S. Corporation’s public relations department let go of such a huge amount of attention? they seized the opportunity to release the wedding photos of the couple before the wedding began.

The two of them hugged each other under the blue sky and white clouds. Ye Shengge put her hands on the man’s shoulders and smiled brightly. Ji shiting only showed his handsome side profile and a pair of deep and gentle eyes, as if he had just said something sweet, which was why ye Shengge smiled so brightly and shyly.

The beautiful background and the outstanding appearance of the two people contrasted each other, making it seem like a fairy tale.

” She’s so beautiful that I’m going to cry!”

my idol is so handsome. I’m going to faint, Qianqian. Although ye Shengge took my idol away, I can’t hate her.

“Does anyone know where these wedding photos were taken? The scenery is so beautiful! I’m going to film my wedding here in the future!”

ye Shengge was known for her acting skills when she first became a monk. Although she’s beautiful, she’s never been the kind of actress who’s known for her beauty. But why do I feel that she’s the most beautiful woman in the entertainment industry now? ”

“Is ye Shengge very popular? Why do I feel like all the celebrities are flattering her?”

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