Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 1370

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“It’s not important whether she’s popular or not. What’s important is that Shi Sheng studio, which is under her control, has officially entered the film production industry. Not only does the studio have plenty of funds, but they also have a large number of high-quality IPS. It was said in the industry that if you wanted to shoot to fame, Shi Sheng’s films and TV series were your first choice. Do you think these artistes won’t flatter her?”

“I didn’t expect ye Shengge to be so ambitious. I thought she was going to quit acting after she married into a rich family.”

Ji shiting really loves her. Did you watch ye Shengge’s interview? Every time the reporters asked about Ji shiting, her answer would make me laugh. You can feel that they’re very close and equal. Ye Shengge didn’t give in at all.”

There were many discussions on the internet, but the general public opinion was mostly blessings, envy, jealousy, and hatred. There were not many disharmonious voices. In short, T.S corporation and Shi Sheng’s studio had gained a lot of attention through this wedding. Although this was not the couple’s original intention, they certainly would not refuse.

The day of the wedding soon arrived.


The wedding was held at the cliff villa by the sea. It was chosen as the wedding venue not only because of the beautiful scenery, large area, and close to the sea, but also because it could minimize the sneaky shots of entertainment reporters and ensure the privacy of all guests.

After the guests arrived one after another, the cliff Villa could be said to be shining with Starlight. Big shots in the financial circle could be found everywhere. Many staff members felt that their eyes were not enough to look at.

Less than half an hour before the wedding began, another important guest arrived and almost made everyone speechless.

In the face of this guest’s Halo, any star or Big Shot would pale in comparison.

Jiang Yu, a presidential candidate, had an 80% chance of becoming the country’s top leader after the new year.

No one had expected him to attend Ji shiting and ye Shengge’s wedding at this time. It was obvious that he had a close relationship with at least one of the newlyweds.

Could it be that Ji shiting had helped Jiang Yu in his campaign? It seemed that the two of them had a deep relationship in private.

Many big shots in the financial industry had to re-evaluate Ji shiting’s power and skills.

As one of the most powerful men in the country, Jiang Yu was undoubtedly in line with the People’s imagination of power. He was handsome and Noble, cold and unreasonable. When he strode in, his eyes did not stop on anyone. The strange thing was that the leader expected by the public should be approachable. This was president Tang’s campaign strategy. However, when Jiang Yu appeared in such a strong and cold image, the people didn’t feel anything wrong. Instead, they couldn’t help but worship and fear him.

It was the same now.

When Jiang Yu took his seat, no one dared to approach him. Only uncle Jin, who was in charge of entertaining guests, came forward to chat with him, but he only asked about his preferences in food.

The atmosphere at the scene was so quiet that it was a little strange.

When Jing Tong walked out of the bride’s dressing room, her sharp senses picked up on this.

She was attending the wedding as a bridesmaid. In fact, she still couldn’t believe that ye Shengge had really called her that day.

However, after confirming that this was not a prank, she agreed without hesitation.

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