Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 1377

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Jiang Yu’s eyebrows moved slightly, his gaze still fixed not far away, as if he had not noticed Qiao yanze’s words.

Qiao yanze did not care. He turned and hugged the woman beside him tightly, laughing softly. when the child is born, we’ll also hold a wedding. The more luxurious the better. We’ll compete with them.

“No.” Li Yinian shot him a glance.

Qiao yanze played with her hand and wanted to say something when he suddenly heard a low voice. “How do I take the initiative?”

Qiao yanze raised his eyebrows in surprise and looked over, only to see Jiang Yu looking at him seriously.


Minister Jiang, as a man, don’t you know how to chase girls? ” Qiao yanze tutted and kindly shared his experience. you can create opportunities to meet her, give her gifts, and confess to Wanwan. There are many ways to do so. The goal is to let her understand your heart and sincerity.

“I proposed to her, but she rejected me,” Jiang Yu said after a pause.

Qiao yanze burst out laughing.

“I didn’t expect miss Jing Tong to have such a backbone.” He couldn’t help but gloat.

Jiang Yu pursed his lips and his eyes darkened.

“Then beg a few more times, won’t you just pester me? Men, in front of the woman they like, what face and dignity do they need?” Qiao yanze said sincerely, ” I’ll tell you with my own experience. It’s useful.

Li Yinian couldn’t help but push him away before breaking into a smile.

Minister Jiang, if pestering works, the girl you like must also be interested in you. If she has no feelings for you, then the more you pester her, the more she will be disgusted. Li Yinian added.

Qiao yanze expressed his affirmation, his tone asking for a beating. “That’s right.”

Jiang Yu placed his right hand on his knee and tapped it gently.

Back then, Jing Tong really liked him, but now, her resistance was very obvious. Jiang Yu didn’t know if this was because she really didn’t like him anymore or because he had personally destroyed her life.

But at least, he could try again.

“Thank you,” he said in a deep voice.

Qiao yanze hummed lazily, ” “You’re welcome,”

In the end, he turned to the woman beside him and said, ” “He won’t stand a chance. He definitely won’t be able to put down his pride.”

Li Yinian pinched him, amused. “Indeed, not many men can be as shameless as you.”

Qiao yanze snorted unhappily.

“But I like you.” Li Yinian added in a sweet voice.

The man immediately expressed his satisfaction.

Jiang Yu’s expression darkened when he heard their conversation.

What was so difficult about putting down his airs?


The wedding was coming to an end.

Jing Tong’s role as a bridesmaid was finally over, and it was only at this moment that her tense nerves finally relaxed.

Thus, she quickly felt a burning gaze on her, making her feel a little uncomfortable.

She looked over subconsciously and met Jiang Yu’s dark eyes. She quickly turned her head back.

This man is crazy, Yingluo? Why was he staring at her?

Back then, no matter how gorgeously she dressed up, he didn’t even give her a glance. What was the meaning of this gesture now?

Jing Tong’s heart was filled with anger. This kind of emotion continued until the wedding ended.

Ye Shengge had reserved a room for her in the villa, but since she had already made an appointment with Jiang Yu, she had to say goodbye to the bride.

Ye Shengge wanted to ask him to stay, but Ji shiting said, ” “Alright, thank you for your hard work today.”

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