Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 1379

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Hearing the word ” love, ” Jiang Yu instinctively furrowed his brows in discomfort, but what made him even more uncomfortable was the disbelieving vigilance and caution in Jing Tong’s tone.

It was as if if his answer was yes, it would be a huge nightmare for her.

“What do you want my answer to be?”

Jiang Yu’s eyes were still looking forward, and his voice didn’t reveal any emotion.

“I hope you won’t get a cold draft.” Jing Tong laughed at himself. I don’t know if there’s anything on me that’s worth you making use of. If it’s true, I beg you to be merciful and let me go.


He was being used.

Jiang Yu’s clasped hands made a clicking sound again.

“Am I that kind of person in your heart?”

of course not in the past. In the beginning, your image in my heart was perfect. Although you don’t like me, it’s not your fault. Jing Tong’s tone was relaxed, and she could already talk about the past very naturally. but you’re about to become the president, and you want me to believe in your character? I’m not that stupid.”

Since ancient times, if one was not ruthless enough, how could one become a superior?

Jiang Yu pursed his lips and only spoke after a few seconds, ” “But I won’t do that to you.”

At this time, the car had just left the cliff Villa, and the waves in the distance came into Jing Tong’s eyes.

Hearing the man’s low and hoarse voice, she felt her heart tremble unconsciously.

you’re making a fool out of yourself. Jing Tong laughed, trying hard to ignore the strange feeling in her heart. you haven’t forgotten how my father got in, right? ”

Jiang Yu’s breathing became heavy and he only spoke hoarsely after a long while, ” “It’s not that I didn’t consider your feelings when I chose to submit the materials, but that doesn’t hinder my decision. I want you to understand that I did it because your father’s crime is unforgivable, not because I can use this to accumulate political capital. It wasn’t my intention to be promoted after the incident.”

Jing Tong was silent for a moment, and then the corners of his mouth twitched.”I understand. Besides, you can get rid of my pestering, so why not?”

Jiang Yu’s breathing became heavy, but he still slowly added, ” I don’t deny that I did have such thoughts at the time, but whether you believe it or not, Wanwan, I soon regretted it.

Jing Tong had never heard him speak in such a stoic tone, and she couldn’t help but be startled.

“It’s not that I don’t have a better way to deal with that matter.” Jiang Yu turned to look at her with a profound gaze. I could’ve minimized the harm you’d receive, but I didn’t. I’m sorry.”

Jing Tong’s eyes heated up, and the bitterness in her heart inevitably surged up.

This man had never understood what it meant to be roundabout and tactful, so Jing Tong was very clear that he was not lying, and was not comforting her.

It was true that he hated her back then, and it was also true that he regretted it later.

Perhaps his honesty was enough to comfort her back then.

Since that was the case, she had nothing to be afraid of.

“That’s why you’re trying to make it up to me, right?” Jing Tong laughed. if doing this can put your conscience at ease, I have no objections. I’ll accept whatever you say that’s useful to me. But I’ll still say the same thing, you’re the one who took the initiative to make it up to me, I don’t owe you anything.”

“Of course.” Jiang Yu nodded. since we’ve known each other for so many years, it’s only right for me to help you. You can accept my help.

Jing Tong bit her lower lip.

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